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Deadly *Purple *Caps

During Christmas Eve My boys and I brought about an ounce of strooms.

During Christmas Eve My boys and I brought about an ounce of strooms. For my first time strooming i decided to take 3 caps and 5 stems, my friend took 13 caps and 8 stems. I began drinking gallons of orange juice so my shrooms would kick in. 30 Minutes past and my shrooms kicked in i felt dizzy and lightheaded. Building were bright and the looked so colorful. I was on mad trip. I saw lights. Cars on the street were tripping me. Colors and everything seemed so beautiful. My Friend was on 13 mushroom, he had the trip of his life. As his shrooms kicked in he began to trip off his life. He walked around the street screaming out loud and the cops stress us. Asking me what was my friend on. My friend was so triped out that he told the cop to "go home and fuck his wife." I didn't want to laught. Sooner or later the cop got out of his car and question me asking what my friend was on. I told him "nothing, he's just describing his life." As time past the cop told me to to contact his mom. So we did. He told his mom what he took and he ended up in the hospital getting his stomach pumped. My Shroom trip got F*cked up by a cop.

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