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dead and bustead

This was the first time that ive ever tryed shrooms and trust me it wasnt my last.

This was the first time that ive ever tryed shrooms and trust me it wasnt my last.it was a good and bad tripand i still have scars on my shoulders for tring to peel my skin with my teeth.

im going to tell you exacly how my experience was in like a poem kinda.

my first time doing shrooms i didnt see rainbows i saw red,i herd reapeated voices in mt head,saying im no longer young im not im not a kid and for that trip i wasnt alive i was dead.then every thing stops but i wasnt scared,i moved my hands to my chin to feel my beird.

then i noticed that i didnt have hands cause i was a fruit,the music that was on stopped and the room became mute.

i got hungry so i strted peeling my skin,i felt somthin wet and when i looked down i was bleedin.i must have used my mouth cause it was covered in more blood than the water in the beach,thats when i new my life was out of reach.

so i panicked and started screamin,i fell of my and though i wasnt breathin,with taers in my eyes i wished i was dreamin,then i closed my eyes and saw a deamon.

so i opened my eyes and jumped to my feet ,i thought i was done,i thought i was beat.then as i looked down i noticed that my arms were back,i was so happy i almost had a heart attack.

the music came back on and life felt so pure and for every disease i felt there was a cure.then i felt life wasnt so bad,i began to wonder how could people be sad,and why when people do shrooms sociey gets mad,then i thought of people like me who atre rebelious,it all made sence,society mad because they are jelous.

then the room started to narrow and close in,i wondered why do i looses why cant i win and a voice in my head said that i was tryin to hard and that i was smart,not a retard.

time wasw goihng by and i felt like i was in heaven or special in a way,the color i saw then turned from red to dark grey,i mean it wasnt all the way black,i continued to feel very special like i deserve some kinda plaqe.

my head started to ring and i felt totaly out of this world,i felt like a king surounded by girls,diamomdsand and pearls.then my mom came home from the mall,she knew s0mthin was up cause she saw me talkin to the wall.

i tryed to act right but it just couldnt be done,so i did what i thought was best and tryed to run.i thougth i got away when i noticed i never moved,my mom said whats wrong ,in defense, said theres nothin that you cam prove.

as i was confused and laughting i fell,got knocked out when i hit my head on my bed room floor,when i woke up i promised my mom i wouldnt do shrooms any more.

my mom was criyin and her eyes were red,i figured she might be hurt but its better than being dead.

well i hoped who ever reads my first trip enjoys it.i did!!!!!!

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