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day trip

This is my first post.

This is my first post.

Ive been a tripper for years, but this was by far the strongest experience I have had.
My girlfriend and I worked an eight-ball over waiting for my brother to get into town. When he showed up, we finished the coke and he whipped out a mason jar full of caps. It was just about daylight when we gobbled, and I started to feel the effects within 20 mins or so.

I remember knowing I was in for a hell of a ride because quickly I was floating. Laying on the couch, I was floating. I had to keep my foot on the floor to maintain my position in the space we were in. We were listening to master of puppets, and the music was doing wonder for the closed eye visuals I was having. Translucent skills morphing in on themselves with some pretty intense lighting effects. The room was breathing and melting at the same time, and the light effects were somewhere in line with a cop light flashing off the walls.

Numerous times I felt the need to "stay" myself to keep from floating off and getting lost in space. Although the trip was intense and I streched my limits, there wasnt any problem with coping. Once or twice I felt the need to balance myself, but there was great opportunity to investigate deeper memories I had. My brother was just laying on the floor like a dead guy with this huge smile, my girlfriend was on the other couch having a blast according to her after the fact. Anyway, something happened that had never happened before or since. During the cd "animals", I was watching what I can only call a spiining platter of mercury. As I "groked" the sight, it looked like someone ran their finger through the mercury....kinda like someone running their finger through paint. At that moment, I looked straight at my brother and told him to watch where he was going and to quit runnin into me. Without looking at me or stiring at all, he says sorry dude.

The trip was very productive, and more was gained on that one trip than any 3 others I had taken. We dont usually turn our trips into laughin gaggles (not that its a bad thing), we prefer to investigate reality and shit like that. The down was easy, but i was one tired puppy from the coke the night before.

The amazing thing about this trip was that after we were down we talked about what had happened, here is a brief overview of what my brother and girlfriend said about me getting "ran into".

Brother: just cruising around (out of body feeling), went over to see how you were doing and got too close, bumped into you.

Girlfriend: just sitting on a hill with a donkey that had a straw hat on (i didnt ask, you shouldnt either hehe), about that time she sees me building a wooden fence along this dirt road about 200 yards from her. From the other side of her view, here comes my brother kicking up dust from the road due to speed.........he just runs right into me.

I know that the mind can work quickly, but they swear they watched it happen as it happened instead of trippin it off of what I said........Im curious if anyone else has ever experienced a mass trip this vivid before. It was a great experience that my brother and I continue to experiment with.

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