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day i tried to live

when tripping is yr life.

when tripping is yr life. nothing prepares you for the crash down. everything was taken from me. my breath. my mind. i didn't know who i was. when there is no control the body wishes to self distruct. it is the truest form of insanity. spirals. always spirals. prayers. begging and pleading. knowing you have to go alone. black. white. light. white. light. seeing it reach for you to bring you home. to leave yr vessel. time passes? and when the eyes are open the mind lights are flashing red and black..ink splashing down the walls ...so gone all you can do is giggle...and them have anxiety attacks for the next year...shaking chills...everything you've built...putting the pieces together..making it fit..riding the spiral...it all goes away...and yr left with this mundane life under the skyline...just playing the game...knowing that you once touched and knew things no one could fathom.

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