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Darkside Entrance


O.k.. I let curiosity and anxiety get in the way of what good judgment I should have had before this trip. This would be my 4th trip and the first 3 were on like 1.5-2g. I had 3g's of some nice blue shrooms and i wanted to take them all. I didn't get to do them on Friday so Sat. came and I was like.. shit, i got to do these cuz I don't want to wait a week. Well it was like 11:30pm on Sat. and I had 3 friends over and I ate them. None of them had ever tripped, but they were just sitting around drinkin. We were watching Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyds dark side of the moon goin. Once they started to kick in, I lost ALL interest in the movie.

I began to think, maybe this wasn't such a good idea, because I did have to work all day Sunday mowing lawns (its what I do). This was a major buzz kill. I kept trying to just tell myself it would be alright. I began to have thoughts come rushing through my head and I couldn't talk straight because one idea would jump to another before I was even done saying the first idea.

I then started thinking about how the drunk kids were in a totally different worlds then I was. One of them said, "I herad you can get an alser if you do those too much." My stomach was pretty tight and then I had the most amazing vision. I saw what an actual stomach looks like. Most people never really think about their insides, but for some reason, this stomach just popped up in me head and I could see it somehow. It was now like 2am and 2 kids were sleepin, while one was staying up with me. I went into my room where I had a bunch of Black Light Pink FLoyd posters. I wanted to see if they would do anything crazy, so I got up close to one of them and started staring at it. To my surprise, I began to look through the poster.

It almost seemed to turn into one of thos emagic eye things. I was looking down upon some sort of big city. I couldn't really see it that clearly because if I tried to look at it, it would dissapear. At that point I was just like "holy shit I'm fucked up." I went to piss and the toilet was morphing to all different sizes and distances. I turned on the t.v because i needed something to occupy my brain. It was now like 5am and MTV had insomniac tv goin. I think it's funny because all of their graphics were all tripped out because they knew whoever was up watching this late must be trippin. Well that sone Mambo #5 came on, and boy was that a treat. It was the first time I had ever seen the video and it was sooo in synch. The girls just bounced around like the music was controlling them. I closed my eyes and melted into the coutch. This was the most peaceful event. I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed.

I was looking down upon the most complex 3-d structure I've ever seen. There were so many gadgets and things twisting and turning on it, that i just couldn't believe my mind was creating it. I could no longer "think" about things. I could only observe them. I guess it is similar to a dream. I was just along for the ride. I went to bed thinking this would have to be my last trip ever because of the state it put me in. I just always think that if I was ever stuck like that, or similar to that, I would have to kill myself. Well now that i made it through that, I'm planning on doing it again. What I'm trying to do now is to get a bunch of kids at my school to try them. For some reason I just get great pleasure from seeing a newbie try a new drug.

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