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Dairy Queen Trip....

Ok here it is.

Ok here it is. Most people tell me this is a very intense trip when I tell them this story. You can all decide for yourselves. It was my first time ever trippin and I did it during work real fast in the back of the Dairy Queen where I work. Well, the shit started to kick in around 10 PM. A customer came up to my window and asked for 4 blizzards. I made the blizzards which took me almost twenty minutes because I was trippin face and finally returned with them saying "These things are really starting to melt, do you want me to make them over again?" The ladies said, what are you talking about and started complaining. I looked back down and surely enough the blizzards were fine, not melting, fine. I took the two five dollar bills from the lady, Abe Lincoln winked at me and I sent them on their way. Maybe things were going to work out just fine. Well I spent the rest of the night hardcore trippin and doing stupid shit but having a good time doing it. As we started to close up for work I remember I drove. I relaized then I would have to do one of the impossible tasks.

Well I had to drive this girl home first. She wouldnt shut the fuck up on the way back so I blocked her out of my right ear and concentrated on Zeppelin in my left. It worked. I got her back, fucking great right? Wrong. It took me a half hour to get to my house which was only 11 blocks away. It takes time when trees are growing out of the street you know? Well I finally made it home. For some reason I had to find the perfect parking spot, that was one of the reasons I was in the car so long. I went upstairs and decided I would watch TV. Nope. Cheers was on and Ted Danza faded away. Figured fuck it I will play some Mario on N64. Mario wasnt doin it for me. He was moving right when I wanted him to go left. Crazy shit.

Fuck this I said and I went to my room. I have this old grateful dead poster on my ceiling. Oh and just of the record I am not really a Dead head or anything, I just liked the poster. Well I thought I turned on the radio. I laid down and heard Hendrix playin on the radio, only whatever song it was had been playing backwards. I stared at the poster and it started to change shape, color, and eventually started to drip from the ceiling.....

I stood up and walked over to the radio because the music had stopped only to find out the radio wasnt plugged in. I looked up at my Hendrix poster which has three pictured of him. The biggest picture with his face lookin straight at you started to stare deeper into me. Then his lips started to move and honest to god he looked at me and said "Don't worry baby, dont worry about a thing, you dont gotta worry about nothing. I laid back down with a smile on my face and enjoyed the rest of my trip, or should I say journey.....

Now I know this was a very long story and to tell you the truth it sounds much better when I tell it face to face but it is all 100% true. Oh shit and by the way this was high powered acid not shrooms, but a trip is a trip. I just thought you all would enjoy. Anyway, keep smokin, keep trippin adios


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