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Da first trip


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My first trip, was with mushrooms. i was at a party the night before and a girl i never met said shes hook me up
for 25$ when she offerd me xtac that night, and i said no cause i belive that drug is dumb. anyway she came to my
house the next day, and stopped infront of my house. she showed me the bag witch looked a good 5-7 grams. dark
orange round caps, with blue swirled throughout the stems. she told me "Ok here they are I dont want you to eat
a whole bag of these, cause my friend got these for me. And he says these are extreamly potent." since she knew
it was my first time. Anyway me and my friend smoked a jay before we went to, what our town called the "420 tower"
cause it had 420 graffitied on it and you could see it as you enterd the town from the canyon from idaho. anyway we
climb half way at about 9-10 pm.
When we where half way up we saw a cop car just below .And it is illegal to go where we where going. when we had
6 grams of dried mushrooms. and a half o of weed. so we freaked out and hid. he went away to see what he was doing
and shortly after we climbed back down. we ate half and half and left.
10 mineuts after. we traveld down what our town calls "canyon road" it has trees on both sides and as i looked at
them i saw stuff. in the first tree i looks at i saw the marshmellow man. saw something in the corner of my eye and
saw the chesser cat, glanced again and saw rats falling out of a tree. i turn around and a car honks it horn at me.
I FREAK OUT. and run across the road. by this time my friend was 50 feet ahead of me so i caught up..

after this i forgot what happend, until i found myself witch looked to me like a willow tree underpass. later finding
out just a normal pass. I thought we where on the same road we left on. but where we half way across town. into a
hippies house. i walk in and there is tie dye all over. and the house of my dreams. no more visuals really just major
major trippin. nothing compaired or even will explain my thoughts and way of being at that point of time. im sure you
all know what im talking about. my friend thought we hated his dogs. but i loved em and i wanted to pet them. and it
killed me i couldnt touch them. by the time we left his house i got to play with be with his dogs and what not. but
anyway I had a tottal loss of time and i felt like i was this hippies brother. and ive known him since i was little.
i stared at a clock for 2 hours thinking it was only 10 mineuts. they didnt touch me they said cause theve stared at
the same clock. so i guess that clock rules. and i want to go there agian. we left later seemed like i was still peeking.
these shrooms had to be some kind of godly substance. we thought. they took us in there car. and i got in there car.
and i mad a funny remark. "I wish your car looked like your house" and they all laughed but at the time i really ment
it. and i felt kinda sad they laughed.

they drove us to my friends house. we got out and his brother comes running out of his backyard. me and my friend where
scethen like waho whoa. whats going on. after that we went to a party. and there was a good 40-50 people in a small
apartment i thought. my friend knew some epople and told them we where on shrooms. and he told him he got them with me.
they all gatherd around me like a hoard and asked me if i had more and where i got them. i just ran away not saying anything.
i wa scared for a moment. then it wore off sortly when i saw a bong in the next room it was tobacco tho apple tobacco. people
looked at me and said what the fuck are you on. and i was just like im shroomen. and i knew half of them so they
where like hahahahahah cool. we left after some guy kicked us out cause we wernt 18. so we back to his house in the back
yard. and stared at each other in the pure black. this is where i started to hillucinate like a mother fucker. i saw all
this colerization and patterns falling down his face like matrix. he went to go inside and the color left with him. he
wanted to play video games. i tried and jsut couldnt. the pad felt like gush and the tv screen looked like just a bunch

of colros swirled together making some sort of nothing to me.....

i wanted to goto sleep since its been like 8 hours since we ate them. but they where still going strong it felt. i
closed my eyes and patterns and colors klideiscope type stuff with water waves and swirls. i fell asleep a hour after
seeing nothing but that. and woke up still feeling the muchrooms. not remembering how i got to his couch and into the
next room. And that was the best experiance ive ever had.

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