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crying duck?

a couple weeks ago me and myu buddies decided to much.

a couple weeks ago me and myu buddies decided to much.by now my and my buddies are experienced trippers but none of us have gone over the amout of a half quad(3.5g dried)however this time we deicded to completely fuck ourselves up so we each picked 6 g of fungi and ate them at a buddies house lil did we know this we extremely potent after about 10 minutes they had already started to kick heavily everything was compleley fucked and everything around my started to decay and turn into a completely different world then our own walls started to sink into the earth and to be replaced by an inpenetrable wall of swirling colours however the one thing that made feel sick is the reaccurence of a loser named crying duck fucker and pigfucker these boys were going at it and someone was ginin booze to the creatures of lust
but other than the obviously fucked hallucinations of contstant beastial and homoerotism it was a pretty cool trip

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