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I'm now 34 years old,this trip happenend when I was seventeen.

I'm now 34 years old,this trip happenend when I was seventeen.I had just moved to Plant City,Fla..Man, did I want to party.A true friend of mine in MS. had give me a sealed jar(of what he called) nurtured shrooms as a traveling gift,his name was Crip he said,where ever you go have a Crip Trip on me.I had done some of his nurtured shrooms before,you know a few nibbles here and their.Me and my friend that had moved Florida decided we were gonna do it up and show every body in town what a real southern girl was all about.I pulled out my quart of shrooms,she put the tea on to boil,we were just making a half gallon.Well, she asked me if I knew how to measure the shrooms out for the tea?I said,Hell I've seen Crip do it a thousand times or more for as long as I could remember,just he never made under a gallon at the time,it shouldn't be that hard to break it down to a half gallon.And here we go.I popped the plug on my jar and started shakeing out shrooms,she used a cup and a half of sugar,so I decided to use a cup and a half of nurtured shrooms!Well, we got everything ready we boiled our tea for a good ten minutes,poured it in our styro-cups so we could walk around our new neighborhood and check things out.We walked for a good hour or more and every thing started to kick in,I looked at Debbie and said have you started to tingle yet,and she said,Is that what that is, I thought it was bells.I said,Damn Girl we ain't even drank half of this shit yet and you are hearing bells?She said,look over yonder,I did and shore enough there came an ice cream truck just a ringing for those kids to come and get it,them loud ass bells out of no where set mind to tingleing something fierce,I looked at Debbie and I said my mind's crowded I'm heading back to the apartment.By the time we got there we had finished our tea,Debbie being a city girl went on in where the cool air was,I decided to sit on the front steps 'cause we didn't have a porch.I just sat there for about an hour, I thought I had to piss so I was gonna head in that direction,I tried 3 or 4 times to get up,I kept telling what it was that had a hold on me to let me up or I was gonna whoop it's ass,didn't work though! So,I started yelling for Debbie to come and help pry me loose from these damnable steps,a few of the folks came out to see what was going on,so I stopped all my yelling.I tell you I tried like everything to get up I didn't have to piss any more I just wanted to be able to get up,but no time soon did this happen.Finally,I just started laughing like crazy I couldn't have stopped for nothing no more than I could've gotten up.It eventually started getting dark,Debbie finally decided to make an appearance,before I could see her I said,it's about damn time you came outside. She walked on past me got to the bottom turned and looked at me and said well what do you think,I said what are you doing she had my albino pit bull on his leash she had no clothes on except her tank top,holding her big ass dildo in her hand,and said he done ate his pussy for the day now I'm giving the dog a bone and put that big ass thing in Ebenezer's(the dogs)mouth,before I or she knew what was happening Eb locked that jaw right around her wrist.Here, I can't get up she's yelling like crazy, Eb's deaf,from a fight he'd been in, neighbor's are coming out of the wood work,Eb's turned so I can't give him the sign to release,this guy runs up he's gonna pop my dog upside the head with an iron pipe!I come up so fast I fell down the steps,jumped up crab that SOB by the back head and said if you so much as touch Eb, your a dead MF!Well, about that time the cops are showing up,I gave Eb the sign and he sat right at my feet.The cop couldn't get nothing out of Debbie,she hadn't even realized Eb had heeled,cop comes over and asks me why Eb would do that?I said,well it's like this Debbie just came off the rag a few days ago and Eb naturally thought she was in heat and she gets stupid and tries to feed him raw fish that ain't hot anymore,cop says hows that stupid?I ask him,if you were a dog pinned in a house with a nutty bitch,trying to feed you raw fucking fish you'd bite the first bone you seen,too wouldn't ya?!

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