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crazyiest shit...i died and lost being normal

I took about 3 grams of mushrooms.

I took about 3 grams of mushrooms..i dont know if it was really powerful or what but i left my friends outa nowhere i was trippin so hard when i left the floor started sinking and blended in with the ceeling i became scared. Then i walked outside tryed to puke and i cudnt walk or see anything it looked like the building had 4 walls and i was trapped. I was walkin around my hart was beating real fast i was mad scared i herd voices tellin me its time and it was 2pacs voice and he told me not to suffer i thought about the real meaning of life and all the horrible shit i did i started cryin n got mad scared sat on the ground. I dont knoow what the hell was in them mushrooms it was so crazy. and i just remember dieng in my bed n comming back alive its madd crazy very unexplainable...thanx for listenin becareful with that shit

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