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Crazy Warp Trip

Well, what can I say.

Well, what can I say. I'm 21 years old and this is my fifth time tripping. Let me tell you about my experience. First off my names Rob, and I'm from NJ. I was home for the weekend from college and my other friend (also from NJ) his name is Greg, we decided we were going to search for some shrooms this weekend, since I hadn't tripped in like forever. We met up Friday night and heard from a third party that there was a Phish concert going on in downtown New york. (only like 2 hours away). Near rockwood, new york. That would be the place to go, so we got online checked out the info, and it was a 8 o clock show 2 sets saturday night at the Rockwood Venue. So we took the hike the very next day leaving at like 10 in the morning we got there about 3 or so. We go to the place/venue, and tons of hippies were already there setting up tents (it was a outdoor festival). I say there was already about 10,000 people or so. Packed already. Withing minutes of entering the venue and getting tickets (there were few left) we bumped into a group of like 8 hippies who were smoking pot and talking about the show. They smoked 5 bowls with us, then the one guy C.J. sold me 12 grams of Pscilocybin cubensis, actually it was like 13.2 grams or something, I got a deal thats all I know. I only payed 90.00 bucks. 10 minutes later we joined some other hippie group and smoked two bong loads and me and Greg got up and went back to our vehicle, we already had like 8 bowls or so, and I was trashed out of my m ind cause I drank like 7 beers or so along with the pot/. I downed 7.3 grams then another gram. making it a total of like 8.4 grams i downed. the show started havin an encore at like 6 and thats when I started to feel the trip begin, greg had taken the other 5 grams or so and wasnt quite where I was at, we sat down in the field with a local group of like 30 hippies hacky sacking and we passed around this glass 3 foot bong, and smoked about 8 bong loads/ My trip started to hit me hard after this one guy offered me 3 hits of acid, which I bought and took, greg bought 3 more hits and took them. by this time i was fucke dup as a motherfucker, the show was alrready starting and there was about 30,000 hippies jamin out hacking, and smoking pot and trippin. i sat on the lawn staring at the sky, just listening to the beautiful jams sucking it all in, it really enhanced, i really reccommend when your fucked up listen to phish, its good when your sober, but 10x better it really creates a new world, in which your dont even exist, its just you and the music, i was there among all these lovely hippies, pot filled the whole air, and i coldnt see straight, all I saw were lines, and colors in the air, i was laying down this whole tim e, all I can remember was listening to 3 hours of jammin non stop and it was so FUCKING awesome, i was in awe, i was just draw dropped, i had the best ultimate body high, and the music mixed with the visuals it was crazy, i wasnt feeling anything as far as "emotions" i didnt know what emotions were, i was just fucked up, way too fucked up, and the music and smell of pot in the air, made me more fucked up, hippie festivals for phish/dead aren't for everybody, but if your a hardcore pothead/and acid/shroom head you will love it, i just sat there closed eyes taking in all the music, traveling through space, being king in isreal, hearing music in a 3-dimensional sperhcial way, it was from all sides of me, like it was warped and sounded "LONG", so to speak, i just sat there while the show played on for more then 4 hours, i just sat there in the midst of this trip, i was seeing so many visuals, and thinking so much, I couldnt possibly explain to you what what happening in words on this report, i was just non existent, i was level 6 if there is such a thing, i was drunk, stoned, and trippin hardcore listening to phish on the lawn of new york. the lights dimmed, and the light show began, everybody there cheered and people started crowd surfing and holding massive blunts up in the air (instead of lighters) blunts were held up and light the night air, i sware i saw 100's of half ounce baggies of good KB everywehre, i smoke dlike 11 bowls of blueberry kind bud that day, 3 hits of afcid, and 9 grams of shrooms almost, for 8 hours (the whole concert was two sets, 5 hours each set) so for ten hours I just lay there fucked up more then I had ever been in my whole life, I dont remember, getting there, i dont remember who I was, i didnt know who greg was, or what I was hearing, all I remembe it was perfect and blended in so well with my high, it totally increased my high, i just closed my eyes and let my imagination soar, i took off like a bird in the sky, and phishs music guided me, although I didnt even know if it was phish, I knew i saw little fish in the corner of my eyes, next thing you know I was in a pond swimming with trey the lead singer.....fast foward 10 hours, I wake up ina trash pit that looked like woodstock, like a giant 100 thousand man party had been crashed, greg was standing over top of me screaming "THAT WAS THE CRAZIEST MOST COOLEST THING I EVER SAW" he was talking about the show, we got up, and let me skip all minor details, it was beautiful night, and I cant even begin to explain how awesome it was, i cant wait for my next phish festival, its going to be with "the other ones" there the remaining members of Grateful Dead, omg ,thats goinjg to be even more crazyier. well im taking a hike, peace out fellow companions

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