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God is alright

Myself, my girlfriend, my best friend, and his wife were at his house.

Myself, my girlfriend, my best friend, and his wife were at his house. We blended 14gB+ dried into a fruity cocktail (btw is the best method to ingest in my opinion), and split it among the four of us. It was a beautiful, starry night and we eventually went into his backyard to start a fire in his fire pit. We tripped, watched the fire, and talked.

Eventually the topic of conversation turned to God. My friends all seemed rather bitter about the topic, and I began trying to convince them that the God they had been taught about was not neccesarily the true definition of God. I was basically just trying to convince them that although God was misunderstood, he was alright.

The conversation lasted for about an hour (I lost my train of thought pretty frequently) and at the end, my friends only half convinced, we all decided to go into town for a drink.

But shit! What about this blazing inferno in front of us? We had built a very large fire (about 8ft across) and it would suck if we burned down my friends house while we were out.

I cursed as I grabbed the small garden hose from his porch and dragged it across the lawn. I took aim and began to the long process of dousing the fire. As soon as the first stream of water hit the fire, a torrent of rain poured down from the sky. It rained harder than it had all summer and the fire was a smoldering pile of ash in less than 3 minutes.
See, God is alright

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