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crazy shit going on

this was some crazy shit.

this was some crazy shit. i went into my couisns 1979 el camino and we drove off like around 6;15 p.m. he had some shrooms, we ate them i split like 8 grams with him at like 7:30 i started feeling the affects, first small then large, at first i just saw these giant blueberries rolling next to our car, then my cousin gary started turning all hairy, and then he whipped out a bottle of shaving cream he sprayed it all over the car and then parked on the side of the road, i was freaking out i broke the fucking door handle off got out of the car and ran down the road, and every time a vehicle went by i saw a donut waving, i saw the dunkin donuts store going down the street a really huge fat looking retarted african american women running down the street with about 8 kids in this laundy basket screaming "one two buckel your shoe" and she wouldnt stop so i picked up the stick and hit that obeast bitch in the back of her head she turned and came at me with full speed i ran down the street into a neighbors house and asked them to call 911 and they started freaking out like i was a intruder they kicked me out of the house fast and i was soon being chased again by some fat black women with muchkins in this laundry basket, i waved down a car and got in (she was slow, and she had already ate my cousin and his el camino), she must of weighed 900 pounds but she was faster then most 900 pound black women. so there i was 9:30 at night in a old mans station wagon and i told him to drive me further down the road or i would shoot him with my knife, he looked at me strangely and told me to get out so i said fuck off you dumb cock sucking tree loving butt rubing bitch and hit the old fart in the back of the head and got out of the car and ran into the woods, here is where it got scary:

1)spiders were like 6 ft tall
2) all the trees looked like zelda trees they talked to me
3) the wind was like the wizard of oz
4) th3 ground was morhping into different creatures
5) there were dozens of fat naked black women jumping around
6) i was scared so i climbed up in a tree with smoke the bandit
7) he told me like 8 old wise tale stories
8) after that i jumped out of the tree and all the fat black laundy basket african american carrying kids were gone
9) i decided to walk for the next 3 hours in the woods lost not knowing where my house was at
10) i saw toilets floating in mid air
11) boy was i hungy so i got some tree sap and sticks off the ground and tried to catch those fluffy bird-like rabits, i felt like a jungle man
12) everythign was blurry and it was windy and there were lots of diferent colors, plus flying toilets, and flying barns
13)i saw creatures from jurassic park eating tea cups for some stupid reason
it was around 3:20 in the morning i finally found my way back to my house and all the windows were knocked out and every 3 seconds a girl on a dog would jump out of a window.
i got into the house and there stood my little sister but when she turned side ways i couldnt see here when i looked at the ground it was all orange and green and it was saying hello so for the next 2 hours i sat face first on teh ground saying hello

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