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Crazy Shit

5'10/ 155 lbs.

5'10/ 155 lbs./ 15 years old

It all started on a sunny summer day, me and my 2 best friends decided that we wanted to shroom earlier that day so we made a couple calls, and we each bought our own eigth. We started muching at about 730. We took the shrooms in my friend's basement. We were all really happy because this is one of those nights where you have no worries. His mom is really cool and didnt really care that we were shroomin'. About 5 minutes after we were finished eating, we each had a tall glass of OJ. Then we popped in How High, smoked some bud out of one of my friend's five bongs, we called him the flounder, and then we waited. Within about 15 minutes I started to see colors really vividly, and I thought the movie was hilarious. At that point I knew I was starting to trip. Me and my 2 friends both decided that we wanted to play pool, so we started playing. This is when the first halloucination came. It was my turn and I was about tohit the white ball with my cue. I was really focusing on the ball,but then I couldn't see anything else but the ball, I'd look up and i couldn't see anything, it was liek a big white sheet of paper over my eyes. This stopped within about 5 seconds. I was trying to tell my friends what happened by I had forgotten how to talk, and then just walked back to the couch, sat down and started watching the movie again. After sitting on the couch for about five minutes I started to melt into it, and thoguht I was part of the couch, everyone in the movie had weird skin like fish scales and then I couldn't get up off the couch. Then, while I was sitting on the couch I thought that I was somewhere else. I was actually convinced that I was walking out of my friends house and went to sit outside by the pool to have a cigarette. When I finally realized where I was I could taste the cigarette in my mouth. I was trying to look for my friends, and I couldn't find them.
then I finally found one of them in his workout room, and started talking to him but he wasnt answering. Then my friends brother came down and said what are you doing, then I just said talking, then he said who are you talking to. i started to laugh immensely and saw my friend, the one I was just talking to, come in from outside. I was talking to no one!!! I had halloucinated my friend being there. Thats when I started to freak the fuck out. At that point I was so confused, nothing made sense at all. I was continuing to think about the stupidest things and trying to figure out why they existed, and who made them. then my senses started getting all fucked up. Like I heard colors, saw sounds, and tasted smells. Then my friend played some Atreyu on his computer and everything started to make sense. I found that the key to life has something to do with the number 1208, like I thought I had everything in the world totally figured out. I can't remember anything after that, but woke up the next morning at 11:30 laying on the pool table. Here comes the wierdest part, When i woke up I had writing on both my hands, the writing was barely readable but I could make out most of it. it said, you have found the key, now you must complete the quest(Right Hand) You must go back to where you came from in order to die in that memory (Left Hand)

I state in conclusion, that shrooms have changed my life for the better, and that they gave me more insight and spiritual tranquility than I have ever had in my life

I recommend shrooms to anyone who wants to see who they really are

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