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crazy shit

i had never tripped before but my friend did and he told me all about it so i was very excited about doing it.

i had never tripped before but my friend did and he told me all about it so i was very excited about doing it. we both bought an 8th from a trusted friend and then decided to blaze before we ate em. my friend explaned to me how important it is to be in a very comfortable place with comfortable people so we planned to spend the entire night in his room where we always blaze. we both ate our 8th's on empty stomachs and went out into the other room. the friend that we bought them from came back tripping his balls off from only 1 gram which shocked us cuz he had tripped 7 times before. as we waited for the effects to kick in another friend unexpectedly came over. as he was there my vision started to get fucked up. i was leaning sideways on the chair when everything started repeating itself like 1000 times. i was starting to feel kinda sick so i went outside where i ended up puking all over my clothes. after getting a change of clothes we ended up leaving with our friend. the ride to his house seemed out of control, flying around on the backroads we saw flashing lights which freaked us out but luckily someone else got pulled over. finally we got to his house. sitting in a room full of drunk assholes threw my trip way off. sitting right next to a kid i didnt like very much didnt help at all. the only thing i could do was sit there as my mind raced through things. 2 kids in the room started arguing and raising their voices. the atmosphere in the room turned very very violent to me. this is where it all turned really bad. i started saying shit like "im going to die, im going to die" totally uncontrollably convinced that i was going die, i invisioned myself being drug outside and murdered by the people in the room. as this was happening, everyone in the room thought i was going crazy, my friend tried to tell me that im just tripping really really hard but i could not comprehend anything anyone said. i remember seeing a few friends going into the hallway to talk secretly which made me think they were planning my murder (i found out later that they talking about getting me out of that room full of people). reality was nowhere to be found. after a long period of my entire life flashing before my eyes and seeing myself as a dead body. i somehow ended up in a different chair in the room. people were talking to me but i had no idea what was going on. all of a sudden i recieved a text message on my phone. my thoughts erased for a moment as i was able to read the message. it was from my friend whom i had been shrooming with. it said "come to the other room." right away i stood up and went over. i got into the room and there was my friend. i laid down on the floor next to a BB gun which brought back all the violent thoughts i had before. after laying there for awhile thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking, suddenly it all clicked! i sat up on the couch, i realized that i wasnt going die and that everything was perfectly fine and i had not a damn thing in the world to worry about. I became extremely extremely extremely happy! I was on top of the fucking world! it was the greatest feeling ever. I stood up and said "Im going to be a fucking rockstar!" then my friend turned on the song "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead, which sounded fucking amazing. being in this state of mind all of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions all came together perfectly. one by one the people from the other room came over and were very glad to see that i was okay. as everyone else either went home or fell asleep, me and my shroom buddy stayed up for hours smoking and talking about our trips. to go from being totally convinced that i was going to die, to being on top of the world, i felt that i was given a second chance at life. ever since that day my life has never been the same. my sense of reality has become much better. my eyes have been opened. my understanding of life is at a totally higher level. i learned that we can't afford to waste even a single second of our lives because someday they will end. since then my song writing skills on guitar have been pushed to a whole new level. i am complete.

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