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Crazy Island Paradise

The first few times I did shrooms I had completely awful trips due to being totally unprepared.

The first few times I did shrooms I had completely awful trips due to being totally unprepared. I won't even go into those trips. The following trip was probably my eighth or ninth time doing them and I was completely prepared. However as you all know with shrooms, there are an endless string of surprises...
So the story begins as I go out to my friends cabin on vancouver island one summer weekend. The group consisted of myself, my close buddy, a couple of his buddies who i didn't know too well and some chicks who I've known for quite a while back in high school (we all got along great). So anyway, it was good positive group of people who I was about to trip with. After divying out our sack of shrooms, I initially felt disappointed because of the seemingly tiny amount the sack divyed into. I've normally tripped with about 4-6 grams of shrooms and the portion seemed to be like 3 grams max. I had done previous smaller trips of around 3 grams and they were fun, but totally weren't that great and I really wanted to trip out bad.
However, there were two things about this trip which were new to me. First we made shroom tea which I had never had. Don't know if it actually did anything but its all psycological anyway. Secondly, I had never done shrooms during the daytime before and the setting was spectacular. The cabin was at the top of a huge hill which overlooked a sea of trees and the ocean. There were blue skies with whispers of clouds over a friendly warm sun. The time was about 2 pm.
So again, not expecting much, I ate my share of shrooms and just sat back and chatted waiting for it to kick in. After about 20 minutes I was convinced that this trip would just be whatever and I would kinda trip out. I was standin and smokin a doobie while lookin out amongst the trees when it suddenly hit me.(weed definetly enhances the high) Suddenly everything was a lot brighter. I don't experience specific noticeable hallucinations, but everything just looked so much nicer and so beautiful. Countless thoughts raced through my head but I've learned to just ignore everything and to just relax and trip. I talked to people around me and whenever we had trouble communicating, I would just giggle uncontrolobly making everyone else laugh. The whole atmosphere was great. (atmosphere is definetly important during a shrooming experience)I don't recall much of this trip now that I'm writing this report half a year later but I do remember at one point how I was complaining about being too hot and how my feet hurt in their shoes. Then someone was like you should just take them off. To me, at that specific point, I was like, "wow" that is such a great idea, didn't even think of it myself. So i took off my shoes and let my bare feet onto the warm grass. At that point I looked around and felt like part of the earth. One with nature and all that crap. I looked out to the sky and was in a total peace of mind with no need and no worries. I felt like I was in heaven but I knew that I wasn't and I told myself if there is a heaven then it should be like this. I can't remember much else except that I was constantly giggling and people would be like, go roll up a joint and I'd be like ok, but I would just end up sitting there with an empty rollie looking out into the sky. This trip was definetly one of my best ones by far.

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