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Me and my friends were out one night and decided to pick ourselfs some mush.

Me and my friends were out one night and decided to pick ourselfs some mush. I have done mushrooms before this, about three or four times, so i decide to buy my self a half ounce of Copelandia (DRY). My friends get them selfs the same, and we finish off our bags in about ten miniutes.after this we are sitting smoking a bowl (because we all personaly belive that smoking weed helps it kick in faster), and the fence infront of me started moving and twisting, with a mesmorizing shadow. my body started to feel "gumby" (aas in the clay tv carictor) and i had an amazing body high. like i was sitting in jello. i countinure to walk outside with my friends for hours, tripping and laughing, until i make it to OLP, one of the schools near us. we were in the middle of packing a bowl, and i was tripping so bad that the trees started to grab at me, and even though i can tell that is very stupid to make me have a bad trip and feel so scared, it was like that on the mush because of disorentaion. so i left there after trying to calm myself for what seemed like ten minutes, and then i began the walk home. while i was walking the cars on the side of the road were changing shape, and the ground was moving up and down, as if the cars could float. i finally got home, and stood at my door for about five minutes just trying to get the key in, as it would bend as i would try to put it in the door. i finally got it in, hastily made it up to my bed, and layed down. For hours, i layed there, thinking so much about everything, but yet at nothing at the same time. i had a memory span of about three seconds. then i was trying to turn over to see what time it was cause i had to take a piss, and it was like my limbs were being sucked into the bed. i could barley move them, and they all started to feel like they were twisting and floating, with an amazing feeling in my arms. i finnaly got to look at the clock, and i couldent even tell what time it was. the numbers were zooming all over, and when they would stay still it just looked like ejeptian writing. so i got up, my body feeling like it was being sucked towards the earth, made it to my washroom and started taking a piss. i looked in the mirror, and everything was kalidiscope! it was crazy! i went to lay back down in my bed, and it was almost daytime now, so the sun was comming in. i was just at my peak, and it had been eight hours! but it was almost bright out, so i put my hand up to close my blinds, and its got tons of brown fur on it. i look more, it has big yellow nails with blood on them, so i look from my hand, to my arm, to my body. im covered in fur, and a complete werewolf. before this, people would tell me storys about being on mush and having crazy halucantions like this. i dident belive them cause i had done like four grams before, but it was nothing like this. my whole night was halucinations, so many i cant count. i suggest to anyone doing mush, have money, a house to go to, lots of really good friends when your in a good mood. because you will have an amazing trip, if your always doing what you want to be doing. and i do suggest trying at least ten grams on your third time, because it is the real meaning, and you will never have more fun. i hear on these forms lots, of people barfing from it. i never have. i eat the mush straght, get a drink of water after, and only have a small meal like beakfast, four or five hours before doing it.

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