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Global Party

In San Diego there is a wonderful little gathering every once in a while that is called the Global Party.

In San Diego there is a wonderful little gathering every once in a while that is called the Global Party. The best way I can describe it is to bring up the Acid Tests. It is inside a large coffee house with tons of tribal drumming, dancing, flowing music, and an incredible psychedelic light show that is simply beyond words. Anyway, a friend and I decided to shroom there, it was the 1st time for both of us. We split an eighth, and I actually had probably 1/3 of that.(this is around 730 before everything starts) Right when it kicked in we knew there was no turning back. Extreme giddiness, lots of laughter. The lightshow was so amazing that it was truly difficult to discern what was actually projected and what was just created by our minds. This amaizing feeling of jello ness overcame both of us. It was kind of like a manifestation of the cheese that people think the moon is made of. I felt possesed. Couldn't stop dancing. Couldn't stop smiling., My brain felt like it was going to explode. I was thinking all kinds of thoughts at once, and talking became quite a chore, so we just gave up on that after a while. My freind was getting quite into it and since he had more that I his visuals were getting intense. I just felt giddy, liquidy and explosively energized. Then when I went to the john, i noticed that my face was melting. It sort of turned into a tiger face with a third eye, and my nose was stretching and twisting. The whole night was a blur. I would like to try a higher dose in the future, I probably had a little more than a gram, and they were bought dried, so who know how potent they were. It was likely a cross between level 1 and two. Event though almost the entire trip was a body experience it was still earthshattering. If you ever get a chance to attend a global party, do so. It is simply midboggling. Happy shroomin to all, and happy valentines day!

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