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crazist night ever

on a friday me and my friends decide to take some mushys at 2 o'clock.

on a friday me and my friends decide to take some mushys at 2 o'clock. we had a half to split between 3 people. i ate about 4.5 grams of purely gold caps. about an hour goes by and im fine. were playin halo 2 and i start to see my guy walking around and i cant control him, so we stoped playing. i got up and my whole color vison is fucked it looks like im crying and looking through a rainy window all at the same time.i start peting my dog, hes a yellow and gold retriever and hes melting all over me and he starts to like my hand and i look down and my whole hand was gone in his mouth. i freak out, its like 5 i had to leave my house. we start walking down the street to my friends house everytime we go in the shade it goes compltely dark and then it goes so bright in ther sun. at my friends house were sitting in these chairs in her lawn in the sun i start to hear insese techno and the lawn is turning into this plane of yellow and i cant walk on it. then we leave to wander around in the woods. as im sitting on a crate in the woods we start to smoke bud. and i ate another 3 grams of shrooms. we all had like a half of bud, i cant even physicaly smoke. i look off into the woods and all i can see is the trees swaying and dragons flying around in them. my friends said all i was saying was "wat does this mean". after about an hour of this our friend picked us up in his car. at this point i cant even open my eyes cuz the halucinations are so intense, it was still light out when we got in the car. we start to drive around town and the cruse roots. at one point i opened my eyes and all i saw was the car filled to the seats with sun chips so i closed them. four about 2 hours all we talked about was how nothing had meaning words didnt make sense. i zoned out and looked out the window and saw this house that kept going and never stoped as far as i could see. i found a hat on the floor of the car, later to find out that it was never there, i tried to eat it and it tasted like a cumbies slush so i threw it out the window. at this point my friend said i passed out and just repeated "throwing things out the window is the center of the universe u no?" i started dreaming about jumping out the window but i couldnt move so finaly i just floated out the window and off into the sky i start to hear voices in the backround(reality). i thought i could never get back, that i was insane, and i heard my friend say hes gona be the first one to o.d. on shrooms. i said it doesnt matter any more and let the halucinations take me.
i looked out the window and see were driving through cars and off into space so i jumped out the door and started falling twards the ground and when i hit i woke up standing outside of the car looking in and myself and everyone talking in a parked car. i get in and we drive off and i lean against the window and pass out dreaming about reality and i was one with everying the car,earth,music,and my friends. i looked at the clock it was 8:58, 4 hours had passed. i went home and walked into my house upstarirs and went to sleep at like 9:30 and woke up in the woods 2 days later on sunday, went home and the police called me and asked where i was and that i was a missing person. frist time i did mushrooms and ill never be the same again...

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