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Counter-Top Waterfalls.

One day i came to be at a close friends house, and the people who were there happened to have a good amount of money.

One day i came to be at a close friends house, and the people who were there happened to have a good amount of money.So, we went and bought 1/8th of an ounce of mushrooms for each of the 5 people there.We Ate them with Choclate pudding, bad idea, almost made me sick.But after about half an hour, i didnt care much....

And so, we decided to bug ourselves out a bit....We all got Halloween masks from his room, because this was around Halloween.We proceeded to mess with the masks, and 2 of my friends became weirded out, as this was their first time.They thought the masks became part of their being, and so, had a bad trip.One friend came over later and watched these 2, as me, my close friend and one other acquatance went outside.

As we walked out into the woods a bit, we saw the trees move.I did first, and asked the question, and the other 2 totally agreed with me.I decided the trees might try to hurt us, so wed better head inside.We went inside, to see a Marble counter-top.Wow, all i can say is wow.I believed what i saw, so i went with it.It was an endless waterfall of color, and i fealt at one with this.I believed it was dripping on the floor, and that this mezmerising color took over everything in my presence.Me and my friends decided to go swimming in this great pool or color.I fealth the wetness hit me, as if i was in water.I thought i was in the walls, in the floor, in the ceiling.I swam fro what seemed like hours with my friends, and i cant complain about it.It was the best experience i had ever had up to this point.Ever.

After we got out, AKA left the house, we fealt dry, and so, decided to venture out into an opening, where my non-tripping friend and the 2 bad trippers had made a fire.We 3 sat around the fire, and it was like nothing i could describe.The air was clean and fresh, and the sky was crisp and dark blue.We talked for a long while, but without words.It was more of gestures and small grunts, and sometimes not even that.Just gestures and sometimes silence got the point across.We totally understood each other like i had never understood anything, totally.

We than decided to go lay in the grass, and wow, it was the best thing ever.I believed that the grass held me up above the ground, that i wasnt even on the ground.I believed i was floating on the blades of grass, and store into space, and time it seems.I looked over to the fire, and saw myself and my friends, all grunting.I laughed, and it echoed away and rippled time like water, washing away the thoughts of the grunting.

We decided to go inside in about the third hour of our trip.We saw the 3 other people sleeping off the night, but we decided to go into the living room, and put on an vinyl record for some reason, and we picked Led Zeppelin.Wow.Wowie.Crazyness. I couldnt believe what i saw when i closed my eyes. I thought i was on a stairway to heaven.I saw steps and clouds, and at the summit i saw gates, and infront Led Zeppelin, playing the song.I sat on the maarshmellow soft clouds, and listened. I soon fell asleep both in heaven, and in my body. I awoke to a skipping record and sunshine in my face.

Mushrooms are the best drug, ever.

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