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couch questing

I found this stuck to my door with a ninja star.

I found this stuck to my door with a ninja star.
Several years ago my friend decided to have a party. This good news still being a teenager and not having my own pad. To celebrate we procured some pot and me and another guy bought shrooms. Well the shrooms were odd looking with a blueish tinge, but i knew where they came from and if the ruined me then there would be vengence. Anyways, i was looking for a light trip so i only bought a gram. Which i ingested at the party by chewing a holding under the tongue then swallowing. After an hour nothing was really happening so i went out to smoke some pot.

note: i really should have been alert to the "oh im not feeling anything" syndrome and have never made this mistake since and advise all starters to avoid pot the first couple of times.

So i smoked a j then i started feel my shrooms coming on. i managed to get inside where a bunch of people where chilling with some happy hardcore. i managed to get to a couch and lie down. One of my friends was fucking with me and i didn't like it, so i said "stop." The mind is a fuuny thing so i guess when i said stop it decided to take as far away from M as possible. Me and the couch were lauched at the speed of light out of the room then just as fast brought back. It's really hard to define but it was like being lauched into a blackhole. I managed to reconnect to reality with some mind focusing. However reality was very different as my sub-conscious began to creep past the mental defences of the super ego. Soon a normal sub-urban living room was filled with aztec mosiacs and art. I put my head in my friend "L"'s lap and she stroked my hair and told me to get up and enjoy my trip but i communicated that that just was not going to happen.then reality began to crumble. I was looking at one of my friends "D" she made some off comment about me being shroomed out and i wished he to disappear, i did instead. slowly the room transformed into a desert where i beleived myself to be 17 cylinders of oxygen (like the one at the dentist) stacked in a pyramid rolling thorugh this bizzare landscape. I don't remeber much more than emotions of fear and wonder at this reality created inside my head. i was later told that i was simply on the couch smiling with huge pupils.
But the story doesn't end there after 2 hours i returned to real time to be confronted by "J" who was also on shrooms but a different kind. It was the time when that cult killed themselves to follow the hale-bop comet and he had a time magazine that had the cult leader on it. He the proceeded to wave the magazine in front of me saying "inside the cult of death death death!" (which was the byline) it really fucked with me and sent me back to my own little planet of non-sense. LAter i re-appear now visibly down but still very high. I arose off of my couch/rocketship to look for people, the first thing i noticed was that my body was experiencing strobe feelings. very similar to strobe vision but not optical just pulsing waves through my body, at the time i beleived myself to be a transformer because i felt the way they sound when they transform (don't ask). Reality was very strange i needed to get some fresh air so i ventured outside to my friends car hole. i looked at the sky once and it freaked me out with it's immensity, so i ran into the garadge to find "J" (on shrooms) and "S" (really drunk and stoned) having an animated discussion with al pacino and "J"s girlfriend (both empty chairs). this ruined me as i though that i had fallen back into unreality. and turned to leave the garadge but then remembering the really big sky and with "J" and "S" telling me not to go. so i sat down and listened to the conversations that made no sense and culminated with "J" calling Al Pacino an ass hole a storming out of the garadge as he was also shrooms i followed him. We then went into "N"s basement and found that one room had nothing in it, no windows no lights just exposed piping. "J" went inside it and proceeded to frantically light his lighter and say "Im in the hole" which made me laugh so hard i fell over. After that i began to return concretly and we sat up talking about whether we should go get pizza and cursing shrooms for preventing sleep. eventually i went to sleep and awoke and ventured home exhausted and well pondering all the very odd things that i saw and what they meant.

three years later i see that 1 gram of shrooms can't do this and must have been laced with acid or where just charged by god. oh to be young again. i wish i could vocalise what the other side was like but i like many before me simply cannot describe what is inside ones head. I don't know what would have happened to me if i was alone or without my friends. this is why i must say if you are tripping always have someone with you or bad things could happen. that is all.


ps please forgive any spelling and grammer i just don't feel like editing

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