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Cosmic Orgasms! (An incredible experience, please read)

I'm a 20 year old male musician who likes to get a bit out of my head every now and then!

I'm a 20 year old male musician who likes to get a bit out of my head every now and then! But I had only tried mushrooms a couple of times previously and the effects had been incredible! The highest I'd been was probably to about stage 3 or maybe 4, but nothing too extreme. This was all about to change...

I'd had a really bad day at Uni and I couldn't wait to get home with my housemates! Me and my girlfriend had planned to do some mushrooms so I went to Lucid in Southampton and bought 40 grams for £20 (Anyone who has trouble buying mushrooms, come to England!! Freely available in most places!)of what I thought were mexicans, but were probably Thai. As I left the shop my girlfriend said she couldn't make it so I invited my mate round for a few spliffs. I went home and shared a couple of spliffs with my mate and found that my housemates made some very potent homemade punch! A couple of hours later I was quite merry, and we prepared the mushrooms. I had more than the other three cos I paid for them, But one of my friends wimped out and gave hers to one of the others giving him another dose! We then mixed up the mushrooms again to get whatever we could! It was then that it all began...

Before I begin I must just say that the atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly thanks to the punch. This is what made my trip a positive one I think.

It hit pretty much straight away, me and the double dose guy started giggling like crazy! I was back in a familiar world, a world I like to call 'Rainbow Vision'! Before I knew it I was smashed good and proper, I thought I was at my peak! I was soon to find out how wrong I was...

I basically sat on my sofa tripping like mad, the music coming alive, the usual trip stuff. Then it started getting even more intense. I started falling in on myself (in reality I was just falling about on the sofa), and I started seeing Jesus' face everywhere. When I looked under my front room table, it was whole new universe, a new reality stretching out to infinite. I started communicating with Jesus, not so much asking questions but just knowing his presence (I'm not religious by the way). I was in the realm of the spirit world as far as I was concerned, I could feel every possible feeling of divinity I could imagine. I could see and feel that God was in the room, and I was completely transported into another reality. And then it happened, I realised that I WAS god! I was completely in control of the universe, I could switch from reality to other dimensions when ever I wanted to. Millions of people were floating around me, to me they were spirits in a spirit world our human eyes can never see! And I had an overwhelming feeling of the amazing love I share with my gilfriend. It was incredible, I was the centre of the universe and was allowed an insight into a completely new reality! It was at this point that I decided to go have a pee, although I was still much in a parallel universe. I was still aware of myself and my need to pee!

Before I went into the toilet I went into the kitchen. Except it wasn't the kitchen, it was a tropical rainforest. I was surrounded by greenery and huge tall trees, and I could feel the cool rain pouring down on me and soaking me to the skin. It was absoloutely beautifal. After exploring the rainforest for a few hours (about five minutes in real time probably!), I finally went to the toilet. The wall of the toilet was an infinite expanse of space, and I could absorb body into this void. I'd stick out my arm and it would stretch out millions of miles into the distance. I was still the lord of the universe at this point. After much difficulty in peeing, I suddenly became aware of people around me. I looked at the bath tub, except it was a harem with scores of gorgeous angels waiting for me. I sat down (on the edge of the bath of course, but here it was my throne) and every inch of my body was massaged by heavenly angels. It was the most unbelievably sensual experience I have ever had, and I felt completely envoloped in pleasure. After a while my mindset changed, and I 'realised' the people in the bath tub were witches trying to tempt my divine self into hell, so I went back to where Jesus was (in the front room).

When I got to the front room I realised that I don't ever want to leave this amazing universe so I attempted to make a spliff. This took me ages as I was being distracted by different spirits contacting me. Everything was this childhood fantasy of an Alice in Wonderland/SGT Pepper world (cliched I know, I expect this is because I have always related SGT Pepper and Alice in Wonderland imagery to the drug experience) that I had been transported to. I managed in the end to finish the spliff (a rather bad one I must add!) and sparked it up. Within the first drag I began to fall back into the 'void'. I felt I understood EVERYTHING! I was the master of the universe again! Every second my reality would change as if I was travelling at light speed through millions of parallel universes. All I could keep on saying was "Incredible...". When I finished the spliff, I started feeling an overwhelming feeling that I was possesed by pure divinity. I was a preacher possesed by the holy spirit. It bought tears to my eyes it was so intense. Then I think someone opened the window and millions of rain drops started to fall down from the ceiling, much like the rainforest in the kitchen but this time much more intense. I was lying on my couch completely enveloped in divine feelings and cool cleansing rain. I started feeling hundreds of orgasms start to build in the whole of my body. They just built and built until I was in spasms of what I can only possibly describe as 'Cosmic Orgasms'. It wasn't sexual as such, more sensual to the point of complete sexual satisfaction. I had basically experienced a taste of pure heaven. When i closed my eyes the infinite reaches of space stretched out for as far as I could see. I started uncontollably flipping from one reality to the next. I was talikng manically to people who weren't there and I came to a conclusion that I had to go on a quest to have some more mushroom juice, which isn't easy when your flying through a million universes per second. Looking back I think this was a genuine glimpse at complete insanity.

I managed to get to the kitchen to mix up more juice (which I never managed to do in the end). The next events start to get a bit hazy. But i remember my friend who come in with the pot sying he was going home. I thought he had gone insane and that he was dangerous. So I hid our bread knife in the bread bin! I was looking at the kitchen door and I kept thinking I could see his head slowly emerge from the hallway just like the alien in 'Communion'. After this I think I was starting to slowly come down, but I was still tripping unbelievably. I went upstairs for some reason (?) and on the way down my friend came to me to say bye. I wanted to stay in the spirit world so I begged him to stay so i could have some of that awesome pot which had bought my peak back on previously. He said no but gave me his last bit of top quality skunk before he went! My mission was clear, make a shotty (plastic bottle with hole burnt in the side and with a tin foil gauge). I went looking for the materials in one of my housemates rooms and eventually was successful after dropping lots of things on his floor. I went down and tried to get it sorted but it was unbelievably hard to do (I was still tripping heavy, just not in the spirit world anymore). In the end I made it into a small skin sliff and smoked it to death! This is where the introspection began...

I slumped into a bean bag and closed my eyes. I found I could leave my body and visit any kind of dream state I wanted. My body was useless, it was my mind and soul that mattered. I started adressing my own issues that were underlying my life. There was me talking to myself about myself! It was like I was in the middle with these two other people deciding what I should do, these two people being myself. I delved right to the depths of my mind and dealt with issues I didn't even know existed, but which were now obvious to me.

Eventually, I came down a bit but was still tripping crazy! Me and my mate (I was nearly back in the real world now!) sat on the sofas talking about our incredible trips (although he reckons he only got to a level 3/4 experience) and listening to music. We listened to everything from Radiohead to the Beatles to my favourate trip song, 'Loaded' by Primal Scream. Every note could change our world and our mood. we both just relaxed and let the trip do its thing. I contemplated to myself the absoloutely amazing trip i had been on, how I would never be the same again. I was also paranoid I'd done something really crazy like flipped out, but nothing too bad. I got very cold and had to wear my coat. Eventually we both were nearing baseline, and put on an Alan Partridge DVD which made me laugh like never ever before! And after a while we both went to bed. I felt completely and utterly mentally exhausted, satisfied that I had been on an amazing spiritual journey which would change my life forever.

I went into this trip completely naive to the power of mushrooms. I didn't think it could be much more intense than my previous trips, how wrong I was! Anyone who has a similar experience will know what I mean when I say it's like staring into the infinte. And I must mention that before the trip I was in no way religious. And even though my thoughts at the time were that I was completely enveloped in a divine religious experience, I still don't believe in christianity or any religion. Instead I have discovered first hand the origins of religion itself.

Now I'm looking forward to my next trip, allthough I'll probably have a bit less this time!

Peace out,
Stu G.

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