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Coplandia Shrooms

Ive done shrooms before, but never as intense as the Coplandia shrooms we did while in Amsterdam.

Ive done shrooms before, but never as intense as the Coplandia shrooms we did while in Amsterdam. We got them from Chills and Thrills (www.chillsandthrills.com) and did the amount suggested on the flyer for an "intense trip". The Actual amount I can not recall at this time..

Any how, we took the shrooms by chewing them with tortila chips to help the taste. About 20~45 minutes later (cant recall exact time) I felt very nautious and puked while my friends were able to keep it in. it was during this time that the visuals started to come on very strong.

For about 30 minutes I stayed in the washroom alone becuase I felt like throwing up and did not want to do so in the room. I saw streams of faces across the white tiles on the wall. It was crazy to say the least.

My friends urged me not to stay in the bathroom as it might cause me to "bad trip". so I came back into the room where things started getting even crazier.

At this point the nausia had dimminished but I started to lose all sense of reality. I was convinced that I needed to see a psychiatrist and that I was going insane. I was demanding my friends to take me to the hospitol. they calmed me down and conviced me that this was not a "normal" thing to do..

as the trip continued I felt more comfortable. The bed spreads and curtains had these wonderful patterns on them which started to vibrate and breathe. The patterns also started to spin. When I would like the white ceiling I saw rows of faces moving across its surface, however this visual was not that realistic and was slightly perceptable (like it was in the background).

slowly we were getting back to reality. We started to ask the question "what do normal people do?" and started to think of normal things like drinking water going to the bathroom etc.

during the most intense part of the trip however we could not even grasp reality.

since this was my first time tripping out this much on shrooms I would do the same amount again. Because now I know what to expect.

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