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Copelandia Over Dose


Hello! If you are bothering to read this thank you that is cool. I am 16 years old and about 1-1/2 years ago when i was 14 im not sure i might have been 15 i had a wild experience. I ordered 6 grams of copelandia cyanescens over the inter net from a company called amazing nature in holland. I was going to split them with a friend while she was here visiting during spring break but she ended up not being able to make the (trip). so instead of sharing them with someone else i stupidly decided to eat them all my self while i was alone. i put all 6 grams between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and scurfed it down. it tasted gross almost making me vomit. (eat shrooms with an apple, or two). anyway i ate the whole sandwich and put my plate in the sink. i went into my bedroom and sat down on my bed. i could feel them coming on in five minutes i started getting all silly and laughing for no particular reason. so there i am waiting for my trip to intensify. i was laying on my bed looking over at the window anticipating a hard core trip thought i did not know how hard. i was imagining the walls melting away and turning into things even thought i had not started to hallucinate yet. i dont know what happen next but it went something like this. if i remember correctly it seemed to hit me before i even had time to realize it. i became almost catatonic. i had to go pee but i could not get up. i was laying on my bed with my eyes closed.i kept imagining i was getting up to go to the bath room but everytime i was still laying on my bed. the thoughts that were going through my head were crazy if they were even thoughts at all. then it happend i started pissing my pants and as was pissing my pants i remember freaking out. i couldn't move. i started vomiting it seemed like i was dying over and over again. i had no idea where i was even thought i clearly remember the surrounding looking somewhat like my room. the trip took off and i was out of my mind. i am not sure exactly what happend to my ego but i think it was there holding on by a thread. my world melted away and i started to wonder whetherornot it was all a dream. my new reality was cold and torturous. i had no sense of time i thought i would be there eternally. things were trying to talk to me telling me to be proud of what i had become. telling me to embrace it. the trip lasted 4 hours atleast, it was fucking crazy. the tv was on and i thought that guy on that show talk soup on E was the devil even thought i am no religious. it was crazy. the world i had come from seemed obserd. time seemed to be repeating it self i thought the same things where happening over and over again like i was in purgatory. when it was all over my life was changed forever. IT WAS INTENSE!

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