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coopers rock

There is another trip report from coopers rock on this site.

There is another trip report from coopers rock on this site. In in the author refers to one first timer called A. I am that first timer known as A. Chris had gotten some shrooms for a bunch of us to go to coopers rock and to trip there. Everyone in the group made shroomshakes while i just ate mine whole. The effect for me started kind of slow and did not really hit me until the ride to the rock. When we got to the overlook, which one does not have to be trippin to enjoy becuz it is so spectacular, it was amazing. THe rocks the overlook was made of became a sort of jello that i just wanted to dive into. We continued on the trail there and i just had to stop. All around me was a burning city and i was this giant, kind of like a godzilla movie. The little people ran in fear of me as i crawled through their city. I continued exploring this world and then saw something horrifying in a rock. It was an alien similar to the greys we all have seen images of, only more sinister. I must have spent an hour or so throwing stuff at it out of fear. Later we went down the trail and came to a point where we had to climb downward. It was only a few feet, but to me it was more like a gigantic chasm. Only Chris' luring me down with a notebook and pen convinced me that it was safe.

I just kept drawing faces i saw in everything from rocks, to trees, even my backpack. There was this one person in the group who laughed at everything i was doing and everything i attempted to say, i could barely talk during this trip, in such i way that i took as persecution. He had such an evil looking face as he laughed. Later this evil face was still evil to me but at the same time was my friend.

During one point of the trip i felt as if I was the most enlightend being, as if I were God himself, yet so simple. Other cool things i saw during my first trip included a tree with three holes spurting off energy, little people who came into my hand only for me to drop them, and a strange insect figure who looked at me with the same curiosity that which i looked at him. As we were leaving coopers rock, my mind and body felt like i had just gone done with a hard days work and had just accomplished something spectacular

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