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Contraction and Expansion of the Mind

male, 18, roughly 120 lbs.

male, 18, roughly 120 lbs.

I dosed aproximatly 3.5 grams of cubes at 6:40 and went for a walk until i could feel the effects. I came back to my house trying to figure out if i was really tripping out or not, there wasn't much changed visually execpt the colours were a little brighter, it was about 7:45 so i thought nothing was going to happen, and i then finished off the rest of the 1.6 grams of mushrooms.

By 8:00 i am starting to see slight visual changes in the sense that i see patterns on my carpet, my dog looks like a wild animal that is nice and tame, and i notice i am having great fun petting her and knowing she is there and i can't beleive the concept. My kitchen stove clock is making trails and i am shaking my head back and forth to see the trails it makes.

I go downstairs and go in my back yard, i marvel at how nature is outside my house and ponder to why i am actually in a house, i proceed to my front door and open it and don't understand the concept of why i am not living outside, i then sit on a camping chair outside and try to figure out who i am and what i normally do and why i feel this intense feeling of not knowing anything or how to explain anything.

From then until about 10:00 i don't even know what time is and my conciousness is fading in at out between a real and surreal life, all of this is the weirdest thing i have ever felt in my entire life

A little after 10:00 some friends come over and things get even crazier, i am sitting at my kitchen table with them and there faces look just as fucked up as their bodies do in the way that the face streches around the side of the head and the eyes are flipped yet still there. This is when i start experiencing the same thoughts over and over which develops into me repeatedly coming in and out of conciousness from a time where time does not exist, it expands into the new reality and happens over and over, millions of times because time itself does not actually exist, we are downstairs and my friend passes me a joint and i don't know what it is or what to even do with it, althought i am holding it close to my finger and it is burning me, but i don't know what heat is. Its weird because i start to feel some sense in my finger and i know conciously that it is burning but i don't know what i am supose to do.

somewhere after i am set into a spiral of colours spinning and making patterns over my visual feild while i pulse in and out of conciousness rapidly, i tell my friends i am going to bed and i do, after they leave i try to get to sleep and some of the things i experienced in the day i don't even know how to explain them and there are no words to explain them but i definatly was in a truely different time and space.

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