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Connecting with the music ..

I'm 19 a college student - and I weight 155 LBS I ate the Mushrooms plain - and followed it with a glass of Orange juice.

I'm 19 a college student - and I weight 155 LBS
I ate the Mushrooms plain - and followed it with a glass of Orange juice.
3.8 - 4g was taken at 7:30 exactly - The trip lasted into 1AM

Lets start this off by simply saying, magic mushrooms are indeed, very magical. The night started off by quite possibly being the worst experience in my life, very abruptly followed by that could only be described as, life affirming.

We would trip in VERY synchronized waves, it would almost spring forth and attack us at the exact same time. It was insanely intense. As the Pink Floyd album began to pick up and slow down, everyones mood would follow the music almost perfectly - not to mention it would contort our bodies as well.
With the whining of the guitar or, wailing of the saxophone our hands would be drawn to out chests almost as if in pain, while my eyes would roll back and I would almost consume the music.
Once the album was done, it really didn't matter if my eyes were open or shut, because the visuals were so vivid. I left the dark room and moved into the extremely well lit kitchen along with my three friends. This is where the trip became a prolonged journey which I could barely endure.
I had increased tactile sensation while holding my pant leg, or in other words gripping it in sheer terror. My friends bodies were now jointed in all the wrong places, I began to believe I was having seizures. One friend began to tear his shoe apart while the other dashed around franticly. The "waves" were gaining more and more intensity as I glanced at the seated friend beside me his eyes enlarged and he clamped down on his water bottle so hard it crushed in his hand. This in when reality faded away, the 3 friends didn't exist any longer, even if I saw them. They were distorted so terribly I knew it wasn't them. I knew at that moment I had died and I wasn't going to live through this. And actually this had a calming effect. Since I had accepted my fate I could carry on with the trip, dancing, "chatting" as much as possible.
The waves hit less hard and began to spread out. We gathered around and began to discuss what had happened with very weird time dilation. I still thought I was dead, and I was watching a play back of the events I had missed because it felt like my jaw had been removed, and the words flew out on their own free will. But that feeling soon passed. And the trip had come and gone, leaving only a SPLITTING HEADACHE, and the inability to sleep.

The weirdest thing was...at about the approximate time I experienced "death" my mother had awaken from her, as she expressed "very medicated sleep", and called my phone leaving a voice mail.
The recording was something to this effect :
"Doman, I know something terrible has happened to you, I just know -- if you'd call me and tell me you're alright I'd feel better. Please call me back"

Prettty crazay duude.

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