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Concert lot insanity.

This was an incredible trip.

This was an incredible trip. Me and my friend, we will call him K, went down to a Phish concert lot at around 3 and bought a bit more than an eighth each. I downed half in some port-a-jon and the other half in another friend’s car. So I was pretty set to begin with.
At around 4, I called up my girlfriend, we will call her E, and asked her where she was and from what I remembered she just said right here and she was there. Weird. Hahaha but she didn’t know I was tripping at the time. I pretty quickly told her, so she would know why I was acting weird.
Everything was going great. The lot wasn’t as crowded as I thought for a while. Then I saw another friend. He has this chocolate mush that he just bought and brought over to eat. He opened it up and it was red. He was like I don’t want this. The INSTANT I heard him say it I was like ITS MINE!!!! He said ok, but you have to share… which wasn’t an option. He pinched off a tiny bit of the chocolate to taste it, but he didn’t ask for it back. The red of the chocolate didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t even realize it. BAM! In the mouth it went. Munched it, and downed it. It was mushy chocolate too.
So I was on my way, on a quarter of mush, just walking around. It sounded like I was in a big tub of soda cause it constantly sounded like soda. You know, the little fizzing. Then I realized I was away from everyone. I found a friend of mine, we will call him J. I was like yo, wacha on. And he just said acid and I was like cool. So we walked around for a while. I saw E again and ran up with a smile from ear to ear. The instant I saw her, it seemed like a tsunami of gravel flew up into the air and stayed there.
So me and E, walking through the floating gravel lot, with the sound of soda filling air. So much was going on. I became extremely out there and said some weird stuff to her. She just said, wow. Wow. Haha. And I just stood in the lot for a while. And all of a sudden, a huge happiness overcame me and I looked behind me, and my friend K was there screaming my name right in front of my face and said that it was the coolest name he had ever heard.
I just laughed for a very long time and realized that a lot of people were looking at me. So on and on I went, tripping around. And eventually me and E decided to go into the show. On our way out I saw the guy that sold us the shrooms in the begging. And he was holding, THE BIGGEST SHROOM in the WORLD! It was huge. He held it over his head like a crown. I would have too. It was HUGE!!!!
So we walked into the show (the Camden show before Coventry) and had to leave her cause I had seats so far up and she had the lawn. You have to understand the whole ticket situation so don’t say I am a bad boyfriend. So I was walking towards my seat and saw K and a couple others sitting in our seats and started yelling. The energy was great. Increadable.
The show ended up awesome and we left. Thanks for listening. And if eny of my friends see this, THIS IS PABLO OF B-WYN!

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