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Glastonbury 99

This trip occurred in the summer of 99, at the infamous Glastonbury Festival, England.

This trip occurred in the summer of 99, at the infamous Glastonbury Festival, England. For those who are not familair with the UK music scence, Glastonbury is a huge music/arts/comedy/anything-goes festival held over a 3 day period every summer. It is the most notorious of the British summer festivals. Anyway, back to the trip. I had brought along some liberty caps that I had picked the previous autumn, and a couple of days into the festival, me, and 3 friends ate some, (probably about 25-35 each, so not a huge amount). One of my friends removed the orange part of a jaffa cake, and placed his shrooms in the resulting space, whilst everyone else had mushroom tea.
After about half an hour, I started to get the familiar rushing effects that I had felt so many times before. We all began laughing insanely at stupid things as you always do, and it was a beautiful sunny day, so I gazed at the blue sky and clouds and made pictures out of them. One of the funniest things was, that while I was getting my visuals from the beatiful blue sky and the little fluffy clouds, my friend was getting his visuals from a smelly black bin bag, that was hanging up and contained all of our rubbish. I mentioned the difference in our visual stimuli to everybody, and we all started laughing again.
Now, one of my friends had a small tent, in which he had put an airbed in, in an attempt to try and lure some females back to his tent at some point. I got into his tent, and lay on the air bed which felt soooooo comfortable, and it was so warm inside too. In fact, it was like a little coccon, and I imagined my self to be a little caterpillar, safe in my cocoon. After telling my fellow shroomers about my cocoon, they too wanted to be caterpillars, so they joined me, and this is when the "I move, you move" phrase appeared. Everytime my friends who lay next to me got up and sat lay down again, everybody else would bounce. It was like a see-saw. We delighted in this new found property of the airbed, and bounced away for quite some a while, each time saying "I move, you move"
Another good thing about the cocoon, was that the inside of the it was silky and smooth, and we could see cool patterns of lines and spirals which flexed and swirled when we pressed the inside of the tent. The only part of this trip that I didn't like was when I had to go for a piss, and therefore leave the saftey of the cocoon, and walk up to the toilets. I had a huge grin on my face, but then I felt really paranoid, because I thought that peolple wouldn't know that I was tripping, and instead might think that I was laughing at them, and they might get pissed off. When I reached the toilets, I went in and locked the door. The toilets they have at glastonbury are the port-a-loo type, and they are normally pretty shitty. Anyway, while I was pissing away, I was very aware of the peolpe that I could hear outside, and at one point somebody tried to open the door, thinking that it was vacant, and I really didn't like that. However, this was only a minor part of the experience, and the trip as a whole was one of my best memories ever. Sometimes people ask me what what the best band at glastonbury were, and I reply that the best thing at glastonbury that year was my cocoon........The End

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