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Complete Amnesia

It all started at one of my friends house.

It all started at one of my friends house. I had never shroomed before and my friend picked up a bag for me and three other friends. We split it up and the other three took down their share, but I was a bit weary about shrooming that night because it was the end of the summer and two of my close friends were leaving for college the next day, one of whom was one of my best friends for over 10 years.
Finally the other three convinced me to take my share, I ate them straight, curious of the taste, it being my first time shrooming. I ate them at about 7pm. I didn't mind the taste, I thought it was similar to a communion waffer. I was very excited and anxious for the trip to start as were the other 3 kids. Two of the kids were newbies and the other had only done it once before.
After about 30 minutes I began to feel high, I started wandering over to the woods at the side of the yard and wandering about, anxious for the trip to begin. My first visual came after about 45 minutes. I moved my hands and my hands were quickly outlined with a flash of neon yellow and green stripes.
Soon afterwards I began wandering along the woods and suddenly at one point in the woods I was pushed away from the forest, almost by a magnetic force. I then entered the woods and came across a curved tree, I was quickly hypnotized by it. Sounds of the forest became very intense. A combination of the birds, crickets and passing trains created a techno-like musical background. Soon the tree-tops began to look like finely weaved lace. Thicker blobs of the "lace" began forming and moving around the sky, while the curved tree began bending and almost dancing to the music of the forest. I began to feel like I could do anything. I focused on branches and by moving my hand I could cause them to bend or move in certain ways.
I then walked back into the house and the dark grass seem to be deep and foam-like, I was unsure whether there was any ground there at all, but continued walking anyways. Once I got to the house I began peaking. My personality split. I became withdrawn from people at the party, feeling that I could not communicate with them. I only spoke when spoken to, and when I did speak it felt strange. I began talking inside my head to myself. My entire body went numb and while crossing my arms I thought that someone else was touching me. I began touching my nose and face, as it felt like someone else was touching me. Touch became very sensitive and if anyone else touching me, it produced strong feelings.
For reasons I can not remember I stuck my hand into my mouth and began grabbing at my tongue, almost wrestling with it. All matter seemed to be the same to me and I felt no emotion at all. One girl began crying because her tennis racket was broken and I did not understand why she was crying.
Everyone else at the party seemed to be moving in very jerky, quick motions, almost like when a movie is put into fast-forward. I soon began not understanding liquid and while urinating almost pulled up my pants before I was through. I tried a few times to "meld" with a table or other objects by putting my hands through them, to little avail. The entire room began moving and I stopped looking at people and felt like people were simply objects. People's personalities became exagerated, and their intentions and motives became apparrent to me.
Then someone put some music on and I began singing to the song (Ice Ice Baby). I felt like I was invincible and that I was on top of the world. Someone then changed the song and I couldn't understand where the music went or what would possess them to change it. I soon began forgetting who everyone was. I knew that I should be talking and spending time with the two kids who were leaving the next day but could not think of anything to say and couldn't relate to them.
I was close with everyone at the party but it seemed like it was a party in a movie and I had no personal connection with any of them. It felt as if My brain was separate from my body and my eyes were simply a gateway to view the world around me, almost like a movie. I had no concept of time or location. When people spoke of leaving the house I could not grasp how or why they would leave. When people spoke of college or the future I could not comprehend what the future was. My friend offered me a cigar and I tried to touch the colorful burning ember at the end, luckily he stopped me.
Throughout this entire time objects in the room would be moving, faces would be melding into different shapes. I looked at my face in the mirror and it withered away, similar to what happened in Indian Jones The Search for the Holy Grail when the man's body aged 50 years in 5 seconds. My fingers began withering as well.
Then came the time for one of my friends to leave to go home and pack for the next day, because he was leaving for college. I began crying and was unable to understand why he was leaving and why he needed to pack. He told me he was going to college, but I did not know what college was. This was around 11:30pm. I then flipped out after he left, I finally stopped crying and curled up in the fetal position on one of the couches. I knew I was tripping and I wanted it to end, because the trip was going bad. I looked at the clock and three minutes seemed like an eternity. I kept repeating over and over to myself in my head that I had to think good thoughts to get out of this and I had to get through it. I realized I wouldn't die so I just had to tough it out. Finally I decided to go back to the woods, as I had found that this was the most blissful spot earlier. One of my friends came with me to watch over me, and kids continually were asking me if I was alright and I continuous lied, partially not trusting them and partially not wanting to worry them. I forgot who people were for periods of time, then would remember them for a minute and then once again would forgot. I curled up in a ball in the woods at the curved tree I had been at earlier and tried to regain my good trip. Having one of my friends there freaked me out even worse, I was told later my eyes were moving about crazily in a frenzy of worry and confusion. I began telling him to leave me be because reality was causing my trip to be bad and said less reality meant that I could regain so I needed him not to be in my view. I tried to remember my friends and parents but couldn't, I began getting even more scared and ran back to the house.
I began talking to a kid on the deck and he tried to calm me down by talking technically about his bike he built. He explained how his stem was 14 inches but I had no concept of what length was. I kept nodding my head and trying to remember what reality was and who people were, slowly it came back to me and around 1am I had calmed down, the trip began ending and I felt much better. I stayed up until 5am talking with friends, especially to the other friend of mine who was leaving at 5am for college. Until around 4am I was still unable to really grasp the concept that he was leaving for college. Throughout the entire night I did not had many hallicinations of objects that were not there, I had full on closed-eye hallucinations of swirling objects and colors, and throughout the night I experienced distortion of faces, and all objects, and sound overpowered many of my senses becoming distorted and strange, like a techno song.
The overall experience was one of the best and worst experiences of my life. My recommendation is to try it if you can handle it, but it can be very intense, and make sure you are not upset or depressed before you trip.

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