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Cold CRazy

Took 9 grams of Shrooms i got from a buddy.

Took 9 grams of Shrooms i got from a buddy. tried 1 gram before and it was totaly messed. on the gram i thought people were mutanting i saw gills and other things on people; huge webbed fingers ext.A cyclone started swirling infront of me when i was walking downtown. Others have tried and said they were too crazy. Did'nt look like any kind a shroom I had had before. Best way to describe them is small and dense the most rock hard mushrooms i have ever seen. Alot of them looked like huge aborts with greyish blue colour.
I wanted an experiance that would change my life forever so down the hatch.
It came on too stronge, the walls turned into lines of stings with purple and blue colour. I started thinking oh no i took too much im going to die i did'nt know what to do all i could do was feel terror.
I had to get out of this and i could'nt i thought a shower might help. Nope worse then before now the shower made it look like my body was being incased in ice. I started hearing voices" SO you want to see God!" oh fuck what is going on! after this it felt like my body had been frozen and i was being placed in a far of distant land. God was with me through the trip when i got out of the shower it truely looked and felt like i was in another world. It felt like i could'nt walk or do anything normal i started to feel like a dead fish in the water waiting for God to come pick me up again and bring me to another place. After this all i could do was lay there in my bed and think about God. Soon i was out and about and things looked more cool then i had ever noticed them to be.

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