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Coffee Shop Mission

This would be my third experience with mushrooms.

This would be my third experience with mushrooms. Me and a couple friends decided to get an half ounce of very strong mushrooms thinking we would take them at the mall where we told our parents we would be. We made it to the mall with our mushies and stopped at a convenience store to get some orange juice (orange juice was recommended for the best experience by a good friend.) My one of my friends joining me thought it would be fun to eat them at the arcade, we all agreed because all the interesting thing in there. As we started eating and washing down with the orange one of my friends decided he couldn't do it because he felt sick so he only ate 1.75 grams or an dime. Me and my other friend not realizing how strong these mushies were decided not to let the rest go to waste or save them for another trip, so we ate 6.125 grams each. This was the bad idea. Not being the most experience shroomer in the world and my friend having no experience neither of us were ready for what was in store. The last times i did shrooms it took about a hour to work but these only took about a half. We all were amazed with all the light and sounds of the arcade. But the thing that most interested me and my friend that had the most of them was the table and the floor. The table was wood and the grain on it was almost breathing and flowing and the floor was in a weird design so it began to move. We decided the arcade was to crowded after that and we all came to the conclusion we had to examine the mall. The minute we left the arcade the mall was like a new world. We all were so overwhelmed by it we had to sit down. As we were sitting there we were all talking about how wonderful shrooms were and how we were going to do them all the time. The conversation was stopped by my friend who ate the same amount as me running away out of mall. I was like what the hell, so me and my more sober friend went to check to see what the problem was. We found him outside the mall laughing on a bench. He told us the reason he left was because the table was evil, he said the patterns of the table were changing into sixs. Being outside the mall we all came to the conclusion we needed to got to a coffee shop(till this day we still don't know why we came to this conclusion.) On the way to the coffee shop it was pure fun we all were laughing and having fun. We came upon a hotel on the way and decided to enter it and see what was going on in there. So we went in and sat down, after a couple minutes my friend who had the same dose as leaned over and said I'm in the Stay Fly video by Three Six Mafia. We all broke into laughter which was stopped very quickly by an old lady. My friend that took the lower dose just busted into laughter and started pointing at this women. This made us laugh and we all ran out of there because we felt bad for doing that. After this is when i realized how strong these mushies were. Still on our mission to the coffee shop we were passing through this parking lot and a person yelled at us through there car window which scared us and we all ran to this abandoned gas station or so we thought. This place had green lights which were very creepy. After having some fun there we lost track of time and re-realized our goal of the coffee shop. We left hastily through a back way on this dirt path behind a fast food restaurant, we came upon these bushes as we were talking loud about our shroom experience to each other. This was stopped by the sound of a police CB radio and police lights from the other side of the bushes. We quickly went around the bushes and found a Mac Donald's drive through. This was very funny to us because we all thought we were screwed. Still on our way to the shop we stopped at a gas station were I decided to take a piss on the side of the building. As i was doing this, I didn't see this but my friends said a guy was standing next to me watching me, this was very creepy. After this we decided to go the back way so their were no more distractions to our coffee shop we had to go to. On our way we took a break were my friend who took the same dose as me threw up and I started to have strange flashbacks in my head were I would blackout. When I would blackout my friends said I kept asking who i was and what I was doing here. I didn't want to go anywhere for some reason but my friends dragged me down the street, still on the way to the shop. On the way i came out of it and started talking about shrooms again with my friends seconds later this guy pushes me out of the way and and starts walking in front of me. My friends told me later he was walking with us for a while and was trying to pass us but I kept cutting him off. After this I looked at my watch to see I was suppose to be home a half hour ago. I split up with my friends to go home, they were afraid I would get lost but I wasn't. On my way home I did not see anyone and it was only 10:30, so I thought the world was a wast land. I saw graffiti everywhere and broken thing, pretty much the way movies depict wastelands. I got home to fall up the stares to the door to see my mom standing there. I came into the house and talked to my mom for a second and then took off to my room, on the way I realized I was leaving muddy footprints everywhere, I apologized for the mud to look back there being none. My mom looked at me and said you are soo drunk. I agreed because she has no problem with drinking. After making to my room I had the felling the police were coming so I had to clean my room. Cleaning was impossible for some reason so I gave up after that I kept having random flashbacks and weird images appear in my head. Out of no were I was up stairs slamming the back door over and over again making my dog bark and my parents to call the cops. I woke up on my couch in my room doing the motion of slamming the door. After this I retried to clean my room, during this I went across the room to look at the time, I walked back and then forgot the time then i walked back to see the time. I walked back then forgot the time, this cycle had to happen at least 20 times. After this I was afraid I would get stuck in this world so I laid in bed, to be startled by the phone. It was my friends making sure I made it home. After that call I felt better and I was in a state of tranquility until I fell asleep. I woke up the next day to be tremendously sick after getting fluids in me I found i was just dehydrated. That next day me and my two friends decided never let each other or any other people take so many shrooms if they weren't experienced enough.

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