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Clinically Insane

Aight so check this out.

Aight so check this out. Im fuckin 15 years old but been smokin since the 6th grade and shit. started takin shrooms 8th grade. Im in 10th now and this shit just happened the other day. See I live in a town of drug addicts. My school is like the fuckin black market anything from guns, drugs, alcohol you name it we got. But shrooms is the rarest in this fuckin suburb whack ass town. But when they are in town we got enough to supply the fuckin state. So like two weeks ago my friend comes into town like, "Yo bro I just got a pound of shrooms whats the deal?" pulls out this fuckin bucket full of them and i mean full to the top. right away i get 3 8ths so me and my two boys can trip. We took em on a friday after school and holy shit. I had no sense of reality by 4 PM. so blah blah i had a fuckin sick ass trip I call my boy and ask him for an OZ of that shit. Now these shits are golden caps or something, supposedly very strong shrooms. I get this oz with my best friend Marco, us both planning on preserving some for this upcoming christmas vacation. So this fell on December 17, 2004. So anyways its a friday, a week after our previous trip. We end up going to some kids kegger and seeing one of my good friends Eric that I always smoke weed with. I asked if he wanted to go do shrooms with me and Marco at his fuckin mansion. Eric still never tried them but was down. So we all left the party and headed towards Marco's huge ass motherfuckin house. Marcos brother A.J.Was home from Military school who we had often smoked with, snorted with, drank with, shit every fuckin drug ive done ive done with these kids. Except I never tripped with AJ. So Marco and I start equally distributing the shrooms. Gave an 8th to Eric, an 8th to AJ and an 8th for each of us.We eat them down and sit there for a while talkin. Gettin bored we decided to watch the movie elf. We were all into the movie for the first 30 mins untill i started trippin unusually early and lost complete concept of the movie. I looked at Marco and he just gives me the nod tellin me hes trippin. He likes to lay low i dont know why. I look at his bro AJ and this kid gets up and says "Holy shit the floors moving" we start crackin up and tell him to relax. My boy eric still chillin there with a smile on his face watchin as we all get retarded. about 5 minutes me aj and marco all admitted to trippin eric started feelin it. The movie Elf ended and we all sat there confused as hell. The movie made no sense to us watsoever but we really didnt give a shit. So ya know we only feelin the beggining effects, like nonstop laughter and shit. The colors starts warping and shit and changing. I noticed eric looked like he had four eyes. Then after this point is where we all completely lost it. As i said Marco has a rich fuckin dad and his house is ridiculously huge,filled with the best fuckin food. This kid tells us to wait in tv room while he got food. We were all like retarded I honestly dont remeber him tellin us but he claims he did. He comes back 15 minutes later with about 12 Caprisons, like 10 gogurts and just a whole bunch of random junk food. He stands in the door way for god knows how long and kept saying "WHY THE FUCK AM I STANDING HERE" but never moved. Then I look at AJ, this kid is leanin his back against the wall and staring into space like he wanted us to take his fuckin picture. I swear all i was thinkin was that he was modeling or something cause he kept like strikin poses. Weird ass kid. Then i look and notice my boy eric is running around in circles a foot away from a big screen tv. I kept sayin he was gonna fall into the tv but he kept running. Then Marco comes up with the idea of the night "Hey E(oh thats my name forgot to mention)lets go take some more of those shrooms". See when your tripping you really dont have a sense of wat you are doin. We had sold about a half oz of shrooms that day alone so we had about 5 8ths left. Now i dont know how but we managed to consume another 8th of these golden caps. At this point i swear not one thing could stay the same color for more than 5 seconds, everything was moving, and all my boys looked funnier then ever. Me and Marco didnt want to give AJ and Eric to much on the first time so we let them split 1 more 8th. I swear to god at this point we are just insane. I kept repeating myself "WE ARE INSANE, WE ARE FUCKIN CLINICALLY INSANE!" Then i look at marco and hes eating more shrooms. I was like what the fuck dont finish em. He wouldnt stop though like a straight up crack head. I had to grab them out of his hands. Then he realized he was taken to much and says "ok everyone make sure E has the shrooms because i know he doesnt want anyone to take them" Now this part is fuckin weird cause i swear to god i completely blanked out like i dont remeber wat happened. Then i look and theres an empty bag on the floor. My pockets were empty. I asked marco where they were and he said "YO WE JUST FUCKIN FINISHED THEM, EVERY LAST BIT". I got really confused and didnt understand the seriousness of it. Like thats was my dealer warned us about...not to take to much of them because that kind is easy to OD on. So me and marco are starin at eachother trying to like comprehend wat we just did. We were trippin so hard there wasnt a sense of reality and we were trying to debate if we were gonna die or just trip really really hard. After about 15 minutes of confusin we just said fuck it and started exploring his house with everyone. Eric runs in the bathroom to take a piss. We all start tellin him to hurry up because for some reason we all had to go. This kid musta zipped his pants up to early cause he comes out and theres a big fuckin wet blot all over his pants. We all start laughing hysterically noticing he pissed his pants. It was so funny Eric couldnt help it either and started laughing. Then we ended up in this kids weight room all staring in the mirrors describing to eachother what we looked like. we all get kinda bored and go to watch tv again. Marco goes to take a shit and tells us all not to to move from the couch. He leaves and literally 2 minutes later i get up and im like "where the fucks marco?" we all completely forgot that he told us he was going to bathroom and for us not to move. We all get up and start looking. We ended up back in the weightroom right next to the stairs going up to the bathroom. Then all i hear is thump thump thump, and notice marco lying on the bottem of the stairs. He gets up laughing hysterically saying "DUD WHO JUST SAW ME FALL DOWN THE STAIRS?" We go back and start watchin Tv. Marco was on the couch next to me in his own little world and then looks over at me and says "Dude when i was taken that shit I had no idea wat i was doing or what was coming out of my butt" we just start crackin up.. Aj was on same couch next to me making random noises with his mouth. Eric was on the floor under the table. I was sitting with there with my cell phone in my mouth. Every time i thought i was coming down it would just get more and more intense. Eventually we were all sitting in this kids tv room watchin basketball at 5:17AM,none of us at all understandind the concept of the game. All it was to me was two different colors bouncing a ball back and fourth. But i kept on insisting it was the "best basketball game ive ever seen".Then we put on some music videos and Snoop Dogg was on. In this new video he is in with Pharell he sings for a little bit and i wouldnt believe he was singing. I kept tellin my friends "nah it cant be, Snoops a rapper!" they all kept telling me to get over it that he is singing but i didnt believe it and didnt want to. Haha it started buggin me out for some reason. After hours of wat felt like days i started coming down and just got really stupid. I had no use of my brain, but since i took so much i swear it took like 3 hours after my trip ended just to get like full use of my brain back. I was worn out by that time and knocked out. Woke up the next morning laughing. It looked like we had all had sex or some shit. I wake up and we are all on one couch like toppled all over eacother. Ajs leg was like across my cheast, Eric has a big ass pillow on me and was layin on it and marco was like half way on the couch. I dont know why they all ended up on the couch we were on considering there were two others. let me tell you shrooms makes you fuckin insane, CLINICALLY INSANE

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