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Climax of my life?

It was the our local fall festival and I picked up my usual quarter pound of mushrooms for the weekend.

It was the our local fall festival and I picked up my usual quarter pound of mushrooms for the weekend. (Not all for me of course) I went to a party with a personal ounce in my hoodie pocket (not the best idea). I also had 10 beer with me. As I mingeled I munched on the mush like popcorn. To my best extamate I figure in the time it took me to drink the beer I ate about a quarter (my average heavy dosage). As they started kicking in I was too high and a drunk to realize what I was doing I continued to reach into my bag and pick out the cap or stem of my choice. I reached A point of " Holy shit im too fuckin high man" while still chewing on a few grams in my mouth that I haddent swallowed. I became "Socaily Retarted" Completing sentances became impossable. Being the last "mushroomhead" at the party I felt like an outsider and had to leave. The 10 minute walk home was terrable. I became very paranoid. Hiding from passing cars. Unable to wear my backpack that made me feel almost claustraphobic. Murphys law held true and I looked a cop dead in the eye. I instantly begane to run like hell to my house were I ran inside locked the door and ran to my bedroom locked that door and into my bed. At this point I was sweating like crazy this was a very strange sensation as if the beads of sweat were very heavy and rolled down my face very slowly. I focused on my heart beating. Every beat seemed to take a life time to come. Time practically stoped completely. In between beats I felt panic as if the next would not come. The sensations I felt are now unexplainable Ultamitly I reaced A point of exceptance that I was going to die and I was ok with it. I peeked out my door looked around then dashed into the bathroom where I layed in the empty bathtub Jim Morrison style and waited for the reaper. My body seemed to melt and fill the bathtub and I had the sensation as if I was going down the drain. After that all hell broke loose and I was lost in the trip. It was extremly intense to the point I have little recollection of it. I think the alcohol may have something to do with this. When I woke up I was in my bed not knowing how I got from the bathroom to the bedroom..... or was I ever even in the bathroom??.

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