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Clean good fun

This is a little story of one of my best trips on shrooms.

This is a little story of one of my best trips on shrooms.
Me and most of my family, attended a great three-day psycadelic festival early this year. Taking with me 15 grams of Mexican beauties, a couple of Fly agaric about four Black microdot acid trips and my usual supply of 2 oz of skunk for the weekend, and many other narcotics. It was the second day I had taken a few grams of Mexicans the previous day along with the one paper trip I had, and had a good strong trip yet it was nothing compared to this day, I made my way to the stage from my caravan, to see The Muffin Men a Frank Zappa band. It was around 11 O’clock am and I was still a bit trippy from the day before. I Took around 4 grams of Mexicans and one fly agaric, which dried my mouth in seconds and I had to wash it done with beer, I sparked up my L-skin joint and waited for the band and my trip 15mins went by the band came on and I went off on my trip, I was dancing like a crazy freak with energy just pouring from me swirling around with the music just gently flowing. I closed my eyes and got into my trip it was like no other, whether I shut or opened my eyes all I could see is this tunnel of swirling colours and I was travelling down this tunnel picking up speed dragging my way through it with my hands I felt totally alone just me and the music I don’t remember looking at the band, I was creating the music and bending it and playing with solid sounds in my hands, on the odd occasion id glance around in a weird daze and see girls dancing with me I had a feeling of all the people just connecting to me following my trippy patterns with amusement and wonder it didn’t make me feel paranoid just wanted to let it all in and juggle with it and laugh back. I was very noticeable as most people where sitting down and I look like a spaced hippy in any case. As the music died down it was about 45 mins I seemed to come to and was totally blown by the intensity of the mushroom mix vivid red colour and total awareness. I stumbled over to my friends and family who had been watching me lose it and knelt in front of them before going into hysterical laughter for 10 mins. About an hour into this wonderful trip I convinced my cousin to drop a black dot with me this sent us tripping into the night and we carried on the next day. But by far was this one of the most pleasurable trips I have had without any bad effects and feeling no real loss of control. Of course never will you trip the same experience but I hope to reach that one again.

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