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First I should set the scene, I have eaten plenty of mushrooms before, and Ive had ones that were really good, and some that were anything but.

First I should set the scene, I have eaten plenty of mushrooms before, and Ive had ones that were really good, and some that were anything but. I have a decent amount of experience with other psycadelics, so I have a good handle of what tripping is like (This is not to say I have tripped nearly as hard as people have tripped, only that I have done them enough times to know what the usual effects are).

Early in summer 03 I went to The Dead when they came through New Jersey, and purchased some chocolates in the lot. The guy said they had an eigth each, but since they melted he would give me 2 for 30. I thought a quater of any shrooms would have me spun, regardless of how good they were. This was not the case, this time. I had no more than a level 2-3 trip, which was somewhat dissapointing.

Later that summer I was at a couple of shows called Bisco Nights, where I picked up another chocolate which I stored for later use. The kid who sold it said it had 2.3 grams, and that I shouldn't eat the whole thing, cause the shrooms were that good. I normally eat an eigth, and because of what happened earlier in the summer, I didn't believe him, "Probably just trying to make a sale." I figured.

At home right near the end of summer I had a night free of responsibility, so I went over to a friends house where I ate that chocolate, in the first 40 minutes, I got the normal ancy feeling, but nothing too strong.
An hour rolls around and Im starting to trip hard, the shower curtain wouldn't stay still, things got smaller and larger randomly, and my friends pet kittens have so many trails, it's hard to tell where the kitten actually is in the room...

Another thing to note here is that I was the only one tripping, and my friends all knew this. They are all experienced with trip drugs, and they all have a really warped sense of humor. Luckily I do as well, so I see the humor in what they did next. J (friend for many years) was coming over, and he was going to rent a movie on the way. He gets to the house and looks at me and says, "So it was good this time?" All I could do was grin and nod. He then popped in the movie he rented "Spun" I don't know if you've seen that movie, but it's about Crystal Meth addicts who stay up for days and days while tweaking out. It's a bug out of a movie, but I didn't want to leave, I had nowhere to go if I left my friends place. So I watched the movie, and as it went on, I slowly lost reality (sounds cliche in these reports, but it's the only way I can describe it).

The entire house started spinning around me, but sometimes the spinning would stop and things would just start shaking, almost like an earthquake. But I didn't say anything, the movie was on and no one else would have understood what I was talking about. As the movie goes on and on, I started to think is was a film about me and my friends... that it was a documentry about some friends of mine and that I was part of it. This really freaked me out, cause I didn't want to be addicted to Crystal Meth. I just sat there bugging while I thought I was a meth freak, never mentioning a word of this to my friends, cause I was convinced they are all addicted to it too.
We took a break half way through the movie to smoke a joint, but I was still convinced of the meth thing, so I was freaked and had no idea why we were going outside. When the j got passed to me, I looked at it for a while, trying to figure out what it was. I was almost positive it was meth, and my friends and I were "doing it like normal" one of my friends asked "what are you looking at" and right then I realized what it was. I took my hits and passed it on, starting to relax a little.

Then we went back in to finish the movie. I tried not to watch it, but when I closed my eyes, I could still see the whole room, only it was in strange pastel colors, but the movie was still there. I was just imagining what went with the audio I was hearing I guess, but at the time I just thought I couldn't excape this movie. I went outside with my friend A when he wanted a cigarette.

So now Im at like +4 hours from when I ate the shrooms, so I think maybe 2 more strong hours left, I can make it. I go back inside and start playing grateful dead in my head, it sort of helped to block out the movie and I went home about an hour after.

The rest of the night was just spent smoking some herb to calm down, and then a really really needed night of sleep.

This was the first time I had really lost who I was, things were constantly moving for 6+ hours, which I stopped noticing cause I thought that was how they were supposed to be. It's a trip I learned from, and Im glad I did it.

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