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Checked Out Trip

I had tripped for the first time a couple weeks earlier, and was really excited to trip again.

I had tripped for the first time a couple weeks earlier, and was really excited to trip again. I got pretty drunk one night and I knew we were planning on taking some shrooms that night. 4 of us headed over to my friend's house where we all split about five-eighths. Everyone started tripping before me, so i just went into my friends bedroom and put on some music and layed down. For me, the high came on really really gradually. After a little while i just closed my eyes and listened to the music. I still had a complete grasp on reality, but everything just felt really good. Eventually my other friends came in to see me and we all just melted together in his bed listening to hendrix. I still never opened my eyes, i was just really enjoying the high. Throuought the whole night, I got this rush of feelings in my head kind of like my brain was releasing a bunch of good feeling chemicals. It feels really good but it doesn;t seem like it can be good for you. Every other trip I've had, I've gotten it once or twice, but this trip I got it a lot. Only one of my other friends knows what I'm talking about, and we now just refer to it as that "womp" feeling. Any insight?

Anyway i got out of the bed and went to see my friend's roomate in her bed. She put on some bob marley, and i just checked out in her bed. I closed my eyes and completely left reality, but i didn't go anywhere, i was just following the music (?). Wow trips are hard to describe. Eventually she woke me up and said she was going to bed, so i walked/crawled over to their living room and closed my eyes on their couch. Here i had super intense melting sensations, i honestly thought i didn't have a neck. 2 of my other tripping friends came to join me and we all just sort of melted together on his couch. I didn't know anything, we were licking eachother and had no idea what was going, but we didn;t care, we liked it, everything felt good. I became one with the coucg. I probably just layed there with my eyes closed for a couple hours and the only reason i ever got up from it was because i had to pee. when i opened my eyes i couldn't beleive what i was seeing, i knew reality was there, but it really shocked me. The rest of the night just involved talking about weird philosophical stuff, counting the number of people in the village in my water galss, and re-learning how to walk.

Unlike my first trip, where coming down was absolutely amazing, coming down from this trip was the worst part. I couldn't sleep (it was about 5:30 am) and i just had really bad thoughts about the whole "what am i doing with my life?" and such. Eventually i fell asleep but i did not enjoy coming don at all.

Overall i think the trip was a good experience, but it was a bit too intense, and i prefer a milder trip. Not that i wouldn't do it again.

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