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chased by gangsters

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over the past summer I experienced my first shroom trip I have taken them about 9 or 10 times since then and enjoyed them thoroughly every time

anyways last Saturday (3/4) me and my cousin had procured ourselves a quarter ounce of psilocybin cubensis and ate most of it excluding the crumbs/flakes/small chunks smoked a good bowl and decided to walk into town (trekking is somewhat customary when I take mushrooms because what can I say the body high makes walking the best) we walked downstairs being extra careful to walk past his mom without waking her (she sleeps on the couch) went outside and proceeded to steal his fathers last cigar we started walking to the road the effects were just coming to me I felt a tingling in the back of my head that seems to happen every time I take shrooms we got across the road and he remembered that he had forgotten his CD player in the house so he went back to get it and left me outside across the street beginning to fry and really enjoying the windy and rainy weather we were having

soon he came back with everything we would need and we started walking or rather staggering into town (about a 45 minute walk) once at our high school (on the edge of town) we found two more cigars in the ash tray of a convenience store promptly smoked those as well (I know its bad but I love nicotine while frying) we walked to a friends house and realized that he had not gotten off of work yet or dipped into his 1/4 ounce so we trekked on finding a shopping cart along the way which was fun until my friend lost all his change and then funner while we looked for the change but as with most things I find entertaining when I'm hallucinating this got old and I went looking for a new toy

we decided that we had had enough of our tobacco shredded throats and needed water so we took a detour off the path towards another friends house when we got there we were both having mild hallucinations and very intense body high our friend assumed we were just drunk by the way we were walking so he whipped out the "hippy mace" which was in fact a small spotlight my friend and I were instantly flattened against the wall and it took about twenty seconds for me to blurt out the word "mushrooms" instantly my friend turned off the spotlight and put on a live version of primus' sailing the seas of cheese we smoked a couple bowls and enjoyed our friends chairs but alas we had to leave because another friend was expecting us to come to his house and get him mushrooms

now this is the part where it all goes terribly awry

we were walking down the path and before we knew it we were both frying balls full on hallucinations almost full loss of body control and the worst part about it was we had no idea where the fuck we were because we couldn't read street signs while staggering down the side walk and moaning under our breaths at the wonders that were flowing across our eyes suddenly a street racing car sped past pulled a U turn and rolled up next to us a man leaned out the window and started yelling hostile things at us in Spanish about five minutes later it dawned on us that we had just walked past gangsters yelling at us and we decided to get out of the neighborhood we were both still having loads of fun on our trip but now we were a little scared as well and wanted to get inside

soon we found out where we were and walked to yet another friends house instantly sat down and he handed me a big bottle of water and boy did I need that I chugged about half of it and set it in my lap as I sat back and began my peak I remember I looked to my friend who had been with me the whole trip and his body began to deform and turn colors like a lava lamp but better I looked to my friend who rents that house and he was laying on the couch I saw his face protruding from about a hundred different parts of the couch after this I lost my body and began my cosmic trip I remember that I saw how the universe worked well saw isn't exactly the best word for it I understood deeply what made the universe what it was I traveled to different places with my mind and learned as much as I could, a couple times I remembered I had hands and looked at those with fascination because I couldn't find the rest of my body anyways after about three hours of crazy cosmic out of body tripping I fell asleep

me and my friend woke up at 4:20 AM very hungover and began the walk home

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