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Get away devil cat!

Time: September 18, 1998 A.

Time: September 18, 1998 A.D.

Place: Somewhere in Hell

Dosage: if one teaspoon equals 1g then I ate around 3g

ok... I ate the shrooms alot of them. I started my stopwatch so I'd have *some* idea when I was peaking. I wasn't sure how much to take, I didn't have a scale. About an hr. later I was fucked I was having trouble typing (I went on IRC to try and tell people about my trip) but I wasn't getting any visuals and I thought I was getting ripped off so I ate a bunch more.. still nothing.. then at exactly 2 hrs... I mean 2 sec. after my stopwatch reached the 2 hr. mark..

I felt like I was taking off ...

I felt weightless, like i was being lifted up, kinda like when you're on a plane and it's just taking off. I was starting to lose conciousness. The walls were warping and moving, the walls looked like they were breathing. So I lied down and closed my eyes. The first thing I saw was beautiful kaliedascope of colors and stuff, flying around, lots of green and blue (that was the theme for everything in my trip). As I sat down my cat licked my arm (cats have rough tounges for people that don't know and it kinda hurt). He had grown these HUGE TEETH and was chewing on my arm, and my arm started bleeding he was a devil cat!! so I'm like get the fuck away from you dumb cat! And I pushed him away. It really freaked me out, but I kept telling myself none of this was real. Then I went back to my trip... and I went into the most beautiful place ever it was green and blue.. very bright kinda flourescent 3d... I went through these gates.. it was hard to get through the gates... its like something didn't want me to go through.. and I was having trouble advancing to the "next level" but I made it through and I started flying through this tunnel. Just flying. I wanted to see what was at the end but it justt kept going and going onto nowhere. (kinda like that movie "LOST HIGHWAY" if anyone has ever seen that). It was starting to suck just going through an endless tunnel to nowhere, so I tried to go somewhere else. Then I went to England .. I just sorta decided thats where I wanted to go and I was there. And there were these english people. butlers I think, and they had english accents they were talking to me. I thought it was pretty funny. But then I just sorta, I'm not sure but I then flew to Australia, and met these Aussies, with cool accents, and they knew alot about mushrooms. I don't remember what they told me exactly, but I left there. I'm not sure how. And I got up and looked in the mirror and my face started warping and moving and changing around, then I grew horns and started turning into the devil, I just ran back to my bed and closed my eyes, seeing more colors then I turned my head and things started getting "dark" and hellish.. I was going to hell. I didn't want to freak out so I turned my head back and I went through this really small opening kinda a triangle.. into a really little box (like alice in wonderland) I was shrunk down and I was in this underground amusment park, it was gold. It was so beautiful, then somehow I left there, and I remember seeing a "jokers" face flying around.. because everything was blue and green. Then I was really tired so I fell asleep, I actually fell asleep woke up the next day, and thought WOW THAT WAS COOL. This is only what I remember from my trip, the whole thing lasted about 2 hrs. before I fell asleep and it was truly incredible, I was hearing voices, and getting feelings that I simply cannot put into words. One thought that came to my head while I was tripping out is, "I never want this to end".

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