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Cannibas mixed with Shrooms In Tea n Spiked!

i was drinking cannibas in tea at a friends house one day well NO FUCKING FRIEND NOW!

i was drinking cannibas in tea at a friends house one day well NO FUCKING FRIEND NOW!, anyway i drunk 1 to 2 full cups of tea with boiled cannibas inside of the 2 mugs of tea,which my friend prepared for me i only wanted Cannibas in tea but i kno i fucking definitely Tripped out after it which ill mention now,well i was going to the casino to gamble i gamble see now and then,and my friend so called friend who was like 30 years old and im only young my self 19,was going to go gambling with me to the casino we had Been there gambling together before and i drink a cup of cannibas in a mug with tea before from Him and was high and felt cool and no worrie,but this particular time we was going to the casino i drink 2 full cups of cannibas strong shit with tea.anyway i KNEW i was spiked WITH MUSHROOMS on op off my so called friend Which hes fuckin not i know hes a evil guy now totally! and that i had tripped because i looked at this site and saw other trip reports that matched my experience totally!,anyway we got in his car after i Drankk the 2 so called cups of cannibas tea which i thought it was all cannibas because i saw him make it but he could have easily spiked me,without me looking,Im a great guy and i know he spiked me to this day but i didnt deserve IT!,anyway we got in his car played the radio it seemed so sharp the song that was on and i felt great off the so called cannibas in tea but i knew i was spiked but only after the trip ANYWAY,signed into the casino went up stairs went gambling on roulette and then all the sudden visual GOES blurry im like (thinking what da fuck to my self cannbasis cant BLUR ur visual badly) anyway im trying to gamble on roulette and fuck my mouth goes dry and i mean dry! i was also drinking a glass of coca cola at the time,then all the sudden NO BULLSHIT i felt like there was a lump in my throat no paranoia i tried swallowin my coca down but it seemed to go down so slow and felt painful and hard in my throat as my visual of Vision got more deeper IN BLUR" and my friend the bastard who i knew spiked me,STARES AT me saying are you ok im like no im not at all, then of a sudden he carrys on talking to me but his voice IS FUCKING ACHOing like hes talking about a mile away from me,but he was sitting right next to me at the roulette table,then after he keeps taking my breahting lost its self i felt i couldnt obtain a breathing pattern,my heard spun in and out like a basedrum, i look at all the blackjack dealers in the casino, and my friend and other people and feel totally paranoia kick in as they all are wanting to beat me up and i feel like they also are saying horrible shit about me behind my back!,also my friend carrys on talking and trying to help but he was acting the whole thing out he knew spiked me with mushrooms on top of my cannibas,(bastard) anyway after all this of the voices echoing,total paranoia,mouth drying up,i couldnt feel my heart in my chest pump well i did but seemed to get slower and slower the beat,i felt on verge of death so i rushed out of the casino downstairs to the lobby,trying to get help from anyoen didnt care who i just wanted my normal head back!, anyway he comes down stairs my so called fucking friend,then giving me all abuse while im fucking out of my head paranoia staring at everyone,with my heart going so slow it felt like 1 beat a time,plus my very dry mouth and like a lump or something stuck in my throat,anyway he gives me this abuse and said U EMBRASSED ME TOTALLY im a member of this casino and you spoiled it for me now,you were fucked up he says im like i know fuck i wanna go home now,anywayz he goes outside we leave casino early,im fucking spinnin right bout now everyone i look at seems IN FAST motion then slow,then i look at him and his voice seems like a fucking echo,and so on,im wanting to get out of this nightmare but hes just not helping with his annoying abuse!,anyway im trying to run out of his way because i couldnt take him giving me abuse while i was paranoid as fuck with dry mouth,barely feel my heart beating,and blocked throat sensation whislt head spinnin and i kno i know it was really a trip not PRETTY COLOUR TRIP,more of a nightmare sound n head spinng trip,im running reality slowed down its like im walking on the moon,fuck i cant feel my heart now as he rambles on talking behind me,i run and the road keeps getting longer and longer,i wanted it to end and become all normal,we got to the carpark bout now where his car was parked got in,he drove me on the way home nearly home" he kept saying this will last only 3 hours,IM LIKE WTF,THEN i think to my self with all this mental shit in my head going on,and vision warping in and out,i think 3 hours wait a minute i say to my self cannibas dont do this fuck ive taken something else in my head i have that remote feeling,im wanting to this nigthmare to end everytime i look at him to in his car driving on the way home his face seemed so evil,dark and nasty like he didnt give a fuck,i kept screaming let me out of your car and he said no im sorry im taking you home he says,but i didnt want to be near him so freaked out already paranoid enough and had enough,he finally gets me close to where i live so i said BYEE! in a shouted voice as i said it in my own speech it ECHOED back to him,anyway i run out of his car to my house on way home,but as i look behind i see him in his car watching me im like (wtf in my head) is he really there but i still dont know to this day if he watched me when i got out of his car,anyway im running to my home but every road i run on they seem to warp in length and get longer n fuckin longer,anyway i finally get to my front door im barely able to grab my door handle,so i just bang my door like an insane mad man waiting for my MOM TO ANSWER,barely being able to stand with my head spinnin,all the sounds ECHOING even my moms voice,and my dry MOUTH AND SLOW HEART BEAT,SO I TOLD MY MOTHER STRAIGHT AWAY CALL AN AMBULANCE she did,they came and so did the police the said im under the influence of drugs and i know i was to,anyway ambulance got there,i went to the hospital as i got in the ambulance on way to hospital i kept spewing my RING UP spew apon spew,and i felt the ambulance drivers didnt care and were getting mad as i spewed,but really it was this *TRIP*,anyway i got there head spinnin like fuck,all sounds still echoing and with a very dry mouth and slow heart beat,i Shout for a docotor to exam me soon as possible they take my blood preassure,n heart rate my heart rate was really fine they said,and i said to my self again in my spinnin head (wtf)when i thought my heart beat slowed down but doctor told me it was ok,anyway after she took my blood pressure and heart rate,i must fell alseep i woke up but still felt high,but when i woke up must been 2 hours lately,i still felt high and head still spinnin but seemed i was back in reality then,all doctors werent looking at me and i didnt feel like they were all evil,they voices were apparent no echoing at all perfect clear voices,i could also feel my heart beating my chest normal rate,no lumpy feeling in my throat,anyway i got back to sleep because i got to hospital at 12 pm,feel alsep at till 2 am after she took my blood n shit,i woke up next morning got on phone to my mam she did tell me i was drugged up FOR DEFINITE THE NIGHT before out of my mind she said,anyway i felt totally me again and out of reality like i did,AND THAT WAS IT I WENT HOME ON A TRAIN i caught,got into my mams house,and that WAS IT I KNEW I BEEN SPIKED WITH AN HALLUCINATION DRUG DEFINITELY SHROOMS because time i got to second cup of tea with cannibas i didnt bother to look in my mug while drinkin it and he must slipped them in when i didnt look but anyway THE WHOLE TRIP I HAD AND EXPERIENCED AND I DIDNT WANT IT I WAS SPIKED BUT TRIPPED DA FUCK OUT WAS ONE OF THE MOST INSANE EXPERIENCE WITH AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE IN MY LIFE AND NOW KNOWING THE EFFECTS OF SHROOMS,BECAUSE I KNEW I WAS SO SENSITIVE TO THEM BECAUSE I LET THE TRIP AND FEAR GET AHOLD OF ME",KNOW I NOW THEY BAD SHIT AND NEVER WANNA GO THERE AGAIN!

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