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camp fire

The first time I took shrooms I was 15 at my friends house while his mother (who is also my teacher) was upstairs.

The first time I took shrooms I was 15 at my friends house while his mother (who is also my teacher) was upstairs. we all decided to build a camp fire so we dug the pit and started the fire. After it got dark at around 9 we went down to the fire where I took about 100 raw shrooms because I wasnt aware of how much I should take. after about five minuites I was getting restless, Iwanted to get messed up. then at about half an hour I started getting angry because the munchies were on the other side of the fire which I couldn't reatch due to the fact that I saw grass growing up beside the fire. after I walked "through" the grass I realized it wasn't real. At this point my friends mom came out side and yelled, "Chris your mothers on the phone" although it seemed as if it was slow motion. so i walked up to the house realizing that this house was the house that the blair witch lives in then i looked up at my friends mom and she had snakes for hair, i tried not to seem stoned as i was on the phone. When I went back down to the fire it never got closer until i was at the fire. When I sat down my trip went to another level. I felt as if i was on another planet than my friends and that they couldnt hear me but i could hear them.after a while of trying to calm down I looked into the sky to see a cockroach masturbating, this was the funniest thing i have ever seen. after that my friends who werent high were looking at clouds to see if they could see anything but there were only a few clouds so we decided to go inside. whe we got to the door we noticed that the door was locked so we had to climb through a window, I thought i was james bond. when we got inside i looked at the floor and agin lost complete touch with reality, there were gingerbread men dancing around the room there were clouds under my feet. after this stopped i could look at my friends linoleum floor whil all the scuff marks from shoes would wave and pop out of the floor I thought this was amazing, after about another 10 minites we decided to go smoke some white rhino from our new water bong but when i went out side there was a perfect circle around the moon which tripped me out, but it was even trippier when my friends seen the same thing(It turned out to be a cool cloud that just happened to be like that. When we light up the bong i noticed the flame from the lighter had a face. after smoking the pot we went inside and ate more food, and listened to saturday by ludacris and inspector gadget by dj kool, which are both very trippy songs but the sound didnt appear to come out of the speakers it came out of a mirror on my friends wall. after this i went to sleep on the floor.

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