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CA Uber alles!

Well, it all started when I met up with some friends of mine down at the college where they go.

Well, it all started when I met up with some friends of mine down at the college where they go. The four of us all decided that we wanted to shroom, and I had brought along about an ounce of dried Psilocybe cubensis , and two undried mushrooms which were picked the previous night (each about an inch in diameter at the cap, with a stem that was about four inches long).

At six o'clock PM my three friends each injested about 2 grams of dried cubies, while I ate one of the fresh ones and about two grams of small mushrooms. We then smoked up some really nice Kind Bud, and then chilled for awhile. After an hour, we started feeling something, and two of my friends left to go to 7-eleven while I stayed in the dorm with the other guy. I then sat down at his computer and played around with Rebirth v2.0 which is a techno sequencing tool and a hell of a trip toy. Basically it makes live techno music. By the time that they got back from 7-eleven, we were all tripping maddly. One guy was on the floor laughing, the other two were walking around in circles, and I was trying to keep them all from lunching out by themselves. After several failed attempts to meditate together (we were far too tripping to initiate any sort of meditation by that point), we simply put on some music and sat around. That was at about 9:00pm.

At this point in the trip I began to loose touch with reality. My mind began to become further and further detached from the 'real' world, and soon I found my self surounded not by my three friends, but by many other beings all of whom were in some sort of time-transient state. I soon realized that I was one of them, and we began to talk to each other. What was strange, was that every couple of seconds our material form, the way we communicated, etc. would drastically change. We began to cycle through at least five different stages of being. I can only describe the two polar extremities of these stages, and those are the point of non-existance, and the point of total chaotic existance. Or, to put it into Hindu terms (which I think might work better): we were shifting between Brahman and Atman.

One group of beings were chanting for me to become part of Brahman, while the other group of beings were chanting for me to remain in a sollidified form (i.e. Atman). Up until this point in the trip, things were rather cool. They had an almost religious theme to them...

...then things went all wrong. One of the people that I was tripping with put on the Dead Kenedys. Suddenly, deep within the swirling chaos which I was enjoying, my trip began to emulate the mood, theme, and lyrics of each Dead Kenedy song which came on. That was the point in my trip when I went through: being on a game show where everyone in the universe is watching you and waiting for you to say something profound, being in a car chase with the cops, fighting with street punks, etc. Deep within my trip, the horrible lyrics of "California Uber Alles!" began to filter their way down into my mind.

Soon, the other beings faded away and I found myself sitting upon a couch surrounded by the other tripping people. But then I noticed that I wasn't actually human, and neither were they. We were merely the bodily representations of much larger five-dimentional beings which were controlling the universe. It was at that time that I envisioned having a psionic battle with them where I struggled to conjure up immages of the universe in order to prove to them that I was worthy to reach the next level of being. At every attack that I sent out (all in musical form) they would counter. Then, after I had been defeated, they sentenced me to a death of cosmic entropy & isolation. So I was sitting in the room and gruadually things starting dissapearing from the room. Posters, CD's, etc. all started to fade away, leaving only the white paint on the walls behind them. Slowly, they (the Hindu demons with whom I was having a psionic battle that were in the form of my three friends) informed me that I was to be imprissoned in this cell of hell and sentanced to listening to the Greatful Dead for all eternity, or until I faded back into Brahman.

...it was at this point that I finnally came down enough to realize that I wasn't dead, and that my friends were actually speaking to me. From what they said, I had been stumbling around the room for the past couple of hours looking "like a fish under-water" and at random times hitting everything near me or shaking uncontrollably.

The rest of the trip was pretty good. We set off sparklers on the balcony, danced to a CD of DJ Franky Bones, and smoked more pot. I finally began to come down at around 4:00 AM when I fell asleep. The next day I told them about my trip and they confirmed to me that they had infact played the Dead Kenedys and the Greatful Dead.

I still have a hard time remembering doing any of the things that they said that I did. :)

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