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We had 2 weeks holidays from college, so one of our mates delcares that we go into the city and look for shroom dealers.

We had 2 weeks holidays from college, so one of our mates delcares that we go into the city and look for shroom dealers. It wasnt long before we scored and found ourselves back at my apartment eagerly awaiting to try the stuff out.

There were 5 of us and I was the only one who was a virgin when it come to shrooming. I was told I would be fine and I would enjoy the experience.
It was about 7pm, and we decided to eat the mushies, I would not have a clue how much I ate but it was the same size as my friends portions. About an 20mins ticked over and I wasnt feeling nothing at all, so we decide we were hungry and I ordered pizza. Just as I put the phone down it hit me, the room started to change shapes and colours.
THe lights seem to come alive as I could hear them whispering to one another in some other language.

I decided to sit down and chill out. I remember listening to this song and it was trying to tell me that it wanted to break free of my stereo and kill everyone, by this stage I was freaking.

My friends told me that when I heard the pizza guy knock at the door and speak into the intercom I just lost it. I started yelling and screaming at the wall ( where the intercom was), I abused the fuck out of the pizza guy and told him of the song that is gonna come and kill us. When two of my friends wrestled me to the ground , the other 3 paid for the pizza and apoligized to the overly confused pizza dude.

I dont remember screaming at the pizza dude nor do I even remember ordering pizza.

I remember been absoutly fucking freaked, I remember watching the ceilings and seeing these rivers of dead bodies flowing across them.

I remember looking at my arms and seeing weeds growing through them, and there were these tiny creatures that were eating the weeds and that freaked me out. I started trying to pull out the weeds but they just kept coming back so I started scratching my arms in an attempt to remove the weeds.

I imagined worms were crawling in my viens throughout my entire body laying maggots everywhere.

I remember feeling cockroaches crawling in my ears and into my head then down my arms, I could actually see the indents moving in my arms.

The next mourning I awoke dressed in a white gown and at the hospital, with 10 - 15 stiches in each arm. With my girlfriend asleep on a chair next to the bed.
I was told that I just flipped out, that i was screaming that there were worms in my arms, I then ran into the kitchen and began hacking into my arms with a knife and my friends again wrestled me the floor and called an ambulance. They just told me I had that disturbing look in my eyes, the one that said "NO ONES HOME".

I dont remember slicing up myself, nor going to the hospital. I wont do it again, I think I will just stick with beer.


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