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Buddha and Infinity.

Shrooms, what a delectable treat!

Shrooms, what a delectable treat!

I am a male, 16 year old, about 170pd.

Before this trip I had tripped once before.
Setting: At a chill hippie pad with a pool and a great backyard,
with my friend, Andrew and Darrah.
At around 1:00 me and Darrah get to my friends house, I have a bag with 12 psilocybin Cubensis, all rather large. Andrew and me make a weird pasta sauce thing and add the chopped up shrooms (chopping all 12) after its all simmered. It was nice like eating a chucky soup. Andrew’s parents were not to get home for some 7 hours, so it was a totally free chill environment. Darrah was the chill, kind of drunk sitter, she broke into the wine.

( +10 min.) Sitting in his hippie pink living room, I begin to feel weird and a little nauseous, but nothing I don’t think I can handle. We continue to talk to Darrah about tripping, as she is kind of drug illiterate. I begin to feel like I cannot get comfortable in my body, and keeping changing positions on the couch.

(+20 min.) We get onto a website, Larry Carlson and watch really trippy flash videos for a little while. My breathing gets weird, and me and Andrew go outside, Darrah making her self popcorn inside. I feel rather intensely sick, worrying the method of eating with a marinara sauce to be too heavy on an empty stomach. I start to worry about a bad trip, on this same bag of shrooms, a friend of mine threw up had a bad trip, and drove home tripping.

(+25 min.) Andrew and me are sitting on a little bench in the woods of his backyard it’s a beautiful alcove and the trees start to breathe, ants crawling all over, peacefully. Fortunately I got over my nausea by going outdoors. Andrew shares with me that this beautiful space was created for his father, by him and his mother, who was killed by a falling tree when he was six. This makes the space so sacred for me. Increasingly I was finding the come-up very hard on my psyche, like being half way in and half way out the door of reality into the realm of psychedelia.

(30+ min.) Darrah is back with the popcorn, and the mere smell of it makes me nauseous. We decide to lie in his backyard on the grass under the shade of a tree, I still feel very restless and strange. Rolling on the grass in confusion and unrest. I close my eyes the bright sun of the beautiful day sending red onto my close vision. As I watch the red morphs into Mexican adobes, bright red. I see a woman in a strange Mexican dress with a floral print of shrooms on her billowing dress. I follow her for a while, then as I stir the vision fades. I awake and the world is starting to get really trippy.

(+40 min) The grass seems to be a giant geometric pattern, one patch of grass repeated over and over again. I continue to roll across the ground un comfortably for some time more. I stop for a while, muttering “This life is so strange…Life is so weird!” I stare at Darrah, realizing what a gorgeous person she is. I engage in a very nihilist conversation with Andrew, my tripping counterpart. “what if our lives are nothing but a pause, a brief pause between two words in the sentence of the human existence. And that’s all we can ever be, a pause…”

(+ 60min) Inside in Andrew’s room, we are listening to Wendy Carlos’s aurora borealis, an incredibly trippy twenty minute long Moog synth song of beautiful portions. We are all touching and the body boundaries fade, my arm Andrew’s arm, legs draped over Darrah’s, she’s drunk and dozing at this point, we tripping harder and harder. I touch the face of a Buddha mask Andrew has over his bed, feeling its divine features with my fingers. At a point I slide from the bed and roll in the darkness to the music. On the floor I feel restless and insatiable, I get up randomly, tripping very hard, and travel out the room into the bathroom by Andrew’s room. I close the door, turn out the light and sit down with my back on the door.

(+75 min.) Sitting in the total darkness of the bathroom I forget my body falling into reveries of colors and symbols. It seems my entire reality has become bathed In the richness of a pure stream of color. Eyes open, eyes closed it was the same in the total dark. As I sat I entered a deeper and deeper state of meditation, without even trying. Before I know it I see across from me the Buddha, made purely of the symbols of man his body changing and writhing with golden symbols ancient and mysterious. He moves closer until his face made of symbols is right in front of mine. He reaches out his hand touching my chest/lungs region. I stop breathing and begin to writhe in ecstasy, I have been propelled into a world of pure warm bliss, spreading out from my lungs into every part of my body. I felt suspended in that moment forever; eternal bliss on a lotus blossom. When I close my eyes I can still sometimes feel close to that sensation.

(+95 min.) Andrew had joined me in the darkness, we talk little and when we do it makes me feel like me are one body but two voices in the darkness of our internal selves. We often fall into deep reveries of mediation, striking out occasionally: Om Mani Padme Hung…
Andrew is visited by a strange green light several times, and I see myself sitting in front of the Taj Mahal.

(+125 min) I crawl into the bathtub, for some reason and continue to mediate considering briefly filling the tub with cold water. We still mediate and I begin to writhe in the bathtub, amazed by the colors swirling all around myself. I begin to wail, for some reason, not unhappily or angrily. To me it was almost like the scream of birth, I felt reborn and new a different person. Andrew stood opening the door. “Its time to go from this place, you may want to stay but we have to go…”

(+135 min.) Wandering around Andrew’s house everything looks new, we both stand side by side staring out his patio door, at nature. It was beauty beyond belief. AS we stood there I said, stunned; “We have just thrown a stone into the lake of psychedelia, and now the ripples are coming back from the center, carrying knowledge.” we both walked outside and without words agreed on swimming in Andrew’s pool. Which in retrospect was kind of dangerous as we were both still peaking without a sitter. In the water I began to spin, closing my eyes and floating into the realm I reached in the bathroom. As I spun the sun streaked across my closed eyelids, leaving swirls of color and symbols.

(+190 min.) Coming down a little we begin to share, still tripping fairly hard, staring at the beauty all round us. As we talk we discuss the stupidity of what we do to our bodies, Andrew smoking his share of weed and cigarettes me just weed. I get to promise never to smoke another cig, me crying ecstatically to the sky, spinning, “Its SO DUMB!” We have deep long conversations about our lives and what the world has in store for us.

(+230 min.) Almost down our sitter wakes up and comes to the poolside with us, we share stories of our journey and head back inside. In Andrew’s room we all strip, enjoying being primal and naked. Rolling on each other and feeling each other’s bare skin against our skin. We nap together nude, myself in and out of a still tripping state as I sleep.

(+320 min.) WE have stopped tripping for a while, Andrew and me still talking and conversing deeply, a huge afterglow present for at least a week.

As a whole it was a totally unrestrained trip, and we had to worry about no one, and deal with nothing but the contents of our inner minds. It really helped me as a person I think, me being prone to nervousness and anxiety. So happy I overcame to Bad vibes at the begging of the trip.

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