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BRing me BAck to ReALITY

i shroomed last night with two of my good buddies.

i shroomed last night with two of my good buddies. And were chilling drinking orange juice at our friend Pats house. Out of no where my legs just feel hella light and i go to the bath room and im just tripping out. it felt weird looking out of my eyes. Before i exit i happen to notice my eyes are fucking gone. and i make a weird face as in demonic and hella fucking crazy. i move into the room where every one is and im just seeing hella shit like level five explains. i walk out side and then i guess i walk back in with my friend and then i black out and im the floor, i get up asking what just happend. My hands were looking so out of this world i was out of reality and every thing was funny i loved it.

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