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It was a hectic night.

It was a hectic night. I was at my friends house where there was a party taking place cause his parents left town. Everything was going well until his neighbors called over and broke up the party. About 20 minutes before all this chaos happened, i had consumed about an 1/16th of some kind of very potent mushroom that i had purchased from one of my friends. I jumped in a random car that was leaving the party and we drove off. We stopped somewhere and i just sat in the car kind of gazing off and feeling the effects kicking in. Next thing i really remember was looking over outside of the passenger window and seeing the grass rise up like a wave at the beach. I was just staring in amazement. Finally we drove off and people were kind of laughing at me because of my staring problem. I was just laughing too because i was in a very good mood. The next thing i remember was going to this other party where lots of people were. I knew most of them. I just looked at people and noticed things i have never noticed before. It was nice but I just wanted to leave the crowded atmosphere and walk around. We left and started walking and i saw the trees swaying back and forth. It was truly a great feeling. I walked with about 3 of my other friends (1 of them shrooming) and we just talked about things. I had quite good insight on many of the things we talked about. I was thinking incredibly! I felt like i knew everything about everyone. I was predicting movements of people and crazy things like that! anyway plain and simple: shrooms are the greatest things in the world and they make you feel smart and feel good. Today, when or if I try predicting movements of people and i completely fail and make an ass out of myself. It was only somehting i could have done with the help of mushrooms.

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