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BOBs in Heaven

I've been doing/growing shrooms for some time now however this summer my attempt at growing failed miserably.

I've been doing/growing shrooms for some time now however this summer my attempt at growing failed miserably. For a week I have been horribly depressed that I would not have any shrooms all summer, until the other day. My friends and I were driving around all day waiting for an 8-ball of coke. Eventually we gave up on the guy who was suppose to get it and asked another dude who my friend knew a little bit. He said, "No coke, but I can hook you up with all other kinds of stuff, like shrooms." Immediatly I screamed out, "YES! Finally...lets go get them right now!." He got in my car and we drove over to his house. He had tons of shrooms and told me he could get them whenever I wanted. But these were not just shrooms, these were the super potent Panaeolus Cyanescens. Each of us got a quarter from him. We exchanged #'s and took off. My friend munched an 1/8th right there but I had to drive home that night and work the next morning so I saved them for the next night. So I went home..slept..woke up...worked...waited till 5:00pm when my mom left..and munched all of the 7g's. I just ate them raw with some Capri Sun Fruit Juice. Immediatly my stomach started to feel funny. I worried about getting sick. By 5:20pm I was already starting to see little wavy hallucinations out of the corner of my eye. I felt myself getting ill so I went to lie down in my bed. My stomach was really getting nasty but I was determined not to puke it up and lose the shrooms. At times I almost just gave up and puked them all out. I never did though. The hallucinations were getting stronger. I was seeing trails when I waved my arms. I worried that this stomach problem would detain me from having fun and would spiral me into a bad trip. I heard the phone ring but could not get up to anwser it. I listened to the answering machine as the person left a message and realized it was my relatively new friend Derek. He was suppose to come over while I was shrooming. I didn't care really so I didn't make an effort to get to the phone. I looked at the book shelves by my bed and the wood was glowing a very deep dark brown. It looked awesome. The colors were so intense everywhere all of a sudden. I looked at everything in my room and was overwhelmed by the thick glowing colors. The walls were moving in and out as well. I felt myself getting lighter. Finally my stomach started to ease up and I sat on the corner of my bed for a while thinking about what was happening. Everything was moving and the colors were still amazing. I started to feel really light and happy. I stood up and was hit with a rush of intense happiness. I started walking around my house. The colors were incredible, I had never seen such beautiful colors on shrooms before. I walked outside and my breath was taken away instantly. I realized that I felt great...like a million bucks. I was happy, but started to wonder if this was all that was going to happen. It seemed impossible that 7gs would only make me trip a level 3 trip. But then again I felt like I had taken tons of ecstacy and was content at the time. My body felt like a feather and I wanted to tell people how beautiful everything was. I was surprised how similar the visuals I had outside were to LSD. It looked a lot like when I took 20 hits of acid. But it was better...and I felt 1000x better then I ever did on acid. The colors also made it better. I went inside to call some friends. I felt such love for everything. I needed to tell them how close I was to them and how beautiful the world was. I tried everyone but no one was home. I even tried Derek but he was already off doing something else. So I wandered back outside. I heard people yelling at each other and realized that the people who were renting our apartment on the side of my house were arguing. I hoped that they wouldn't walk around and find me listening. I just sat down in the grass and started to breath in the fresh Colorado air. My nasal passages were clearer than they ever had been. Every breath I took was a wave of pleasure and ecstacy. I heard the phone ring. I ran inside and anwsered it. It was Derek. The first thing I said was, "It's so beautiful." He didn't remember I had eaten the shrooms so I reminded him. We had a weak conversation due to my disability to continue on with one. I started to feel embaressed because some of the things I was saying were not making any sense. Eventually I said he could come over if he wanted. He said he would and that he rented a war movie called Heavy Metal. I hung up the phone. I started to realize that I didn't want anybody over here. I would feel to weird if he wasn't tripping too. I got myself kind of worked up about it and returned to my bed because my stomach was getting nasty again. It was about 6:20pm by that time. I knew that the shrooms were still coming on and pretty soon would have complete control. I sat in bed and started to feel better every second. Everything I was seeing before I was still seeing only about 3x stronger than before. It was awesome. I sat up in bed and put my hand on my dresser. I watched as my hand turned into wood and melted into it. Then I looked at both of my arms and they both changed into wood and melted in the dresser. I took my arms off the dresser and put them on my maroon colored bed sheets. Instantly my arms began to turn maroon and then melted into the bed. I started to have feelings of seperation and oneness but they were not that strong yet. The door bell rang. I almost panicked but realized it was Derek. I had decided to tell him he had to go and that I wasnt thinking when I invited him over. When I told him this he seemed slightly upset and wanted to use the phone. I said he could but was very anxious to get him out of my house. Finally he left and I was free to do whatever I wanted. I went into my room and lied down on my bed. I started to have what seemed to me like orgasms. Everytime I breathed I felt like I was having a melting world of ecstacy. I felt love for everything. I kept muttering words like peace..love...gorgeous...beautiful...I love you. I didn't know who I was telling I loved but it didn't matter. I loved everyone. I told my dog that I love her and starting rolling around on my floor in a fit of pure bliss. It felt like I took 1000 E's. I got up on my bed again and started to shake with pleasure. It was too powerful. This was better than anything in the world...this was pure pleasure...nothing else. My body felt beautiful...I could have lifted 1000 pounds. I heard my mom pull in the driveway. I wasn't worried because I told her I might drink tonight and did not want to be bothered when she got home. Of course she knocked on the door and I just told her to go away. Surprisingly she went away. It started to get dark outside and my room was turning into a different world. There was a very low light level and all I could see was swirling colors and things melting. I kept coming in and out of my body. Eventually I completely left my body and was melted with the universe. I was at one with everything. Completely melted into the universal brewing pot. I felt even better now than before. I don't know how long I stayed in that place of pure bliss but at around 10 o'clock I knew I was coming down. I was still hallucinating quite strong but I could feel my body getting heavier and my breathing was not as easy. I put my hand on the wall and it changed colors and melted into the wall. This made me happy. Every once in a while I would zone out in some other world...but as time went by I stopped zoning out. I sat up in bed, unable to sleep, and watched Jay Leno. That show ended so I watched Frasier and I'm pretty sure that towards the end of Frasier is when I fell asleep. This morning I feel great and like a new person. This trip taught me a lot of things about love and how everyone could be happy if they wanted to be. It made me love mushrooms even more than ever. They are the only drug (if you want to call them a drug) that is worth anything.
May you all have beautiful trips like this one,

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