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bloody trip

It was my 2nd time shrooming.

It was my 2nd time shrooming. We started at a friends house with no parents home. We all ate an 18 grams of shrooms at the same time. We didnt no how long it was going to take for the drug to take affect, but i started trippen about 20 min. after i took them. My friends didnt start for another 45 min. Before we took them, are friend told us that at 8:30 we had to leave the house for 15 min while his mom can in and checked on him, (he wasnt taking the drug). We all agreed that it would be fine because we knew that we would be able to stay there the rest of the night. When we all started trippen we decided to go outside into the backyard which was full of trees and bushes. The second that i walked outside the trees started to dance, the branches were going up and down while the trunks were going side to side, it make me so discombobulated that i couldn't even walk. I fell in dog shit. After that, i changed my pants and found myself playing with a knife. It looked like my arm was a loaf of bread, i figured i was hungry so i started to cut open my arm, when the blood started coming out, i thought that i was jelly, so i started licking it, it even tasted like jelly. I cut all the was till the bone, then my friends saw what i were doing, grabbed the knife and through it away, they called 911 because i was bleeding so badly, when the paramedics arrived they looked to me like demons from another planet and then everything went white. the next morning i woke up in the hospital and was told i had almost bled to death. I also found out that i would no longer have use of my right arm, and that one of my friends i was with had disappeared. The police later found him miles from where we shroomed dead with one foot cut off, and his throat sliced all the way open with a
bloody meat cleaver from our friends kitchen.

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