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This happend.

This happend...bout 2 weeks ago i'd say. Was a friday on christmas break. Cold day..but what can ya do.

iight i'd like to start off by tellin bout me. i'm bout 5'11 150lbs. Smoke mary jane often..but not way often. haha. i've tripped 3 times before this. Never had a bad trip.

It was about 3:30 pm that day and my friend...we'll call him G for the time being came to pick me up. He just got his underglow on this eclipse goin. and it looked tyte as hell. But back to the story. we go to his moms huge house on a golf course and go downstairs. We go to the bathroom and i pull out my quarter of shrooms i got from a friend down south. i eat about 2-2.5 grams of it and sit back while he's smokin. At first i dont' wanna smoke beacuse i feel nausaous but then i'm like...f it. So we smoke about 3 bowls and wow...everythings startin to slow down. I lie down on the bathroom floor and we talk about everything. pretty soon the cieling tiles look as if they are going up and down indepenently...like on strings or some shat. as soon as i close my eyes i immediatly feel pulled to the floor. to be honest...i felt like i died. but for some reason...it wasn't that scary. Being as i've tripped 3 times i kno what to expect and can tell myself i'm jus trippin. So about 30 mins goes by and i decide to have a black and mild. It felt as if the smoke i inhaled...felt like i could see it going into my body and go throughout me. was a surreal experience. I put my cell phone down by the counter and the toilet cuz at this point...who needs a cell phone. we're both layin there in the bathroom talkin and what not when somebody decideds hey...lets go to blockbuster. i'm like...i'll try anything once so we decide to go. G's mom...alraedy blazed off her ass decides to drive. so it's me, g, g's lil bro and g's mom. we get into her blazer and start drivin
by this time it's getin dark and i'm frickin trippin like i've never felt. Time was twisted...it felt like i've been trippin for ever and it had only been about an hour or so. i kept askin g where my cell phone was, where we were goin, and what time it was. my mind was goin in a circle.

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