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Blacking out

I'm a freshman in college and have done my fair share of psychedelics and have tripped on psilocybe mushrooms about 25-30 times, but no trips came close to the intensity of this one.

I'm a freshman in college and have done my fair share of psychedelics and have tripped on psilocybe mushrooms about 25-30 times, but no trips came close to the intensity of this one. I was visiting a friend over a break earlier in the semester and was staying at his house for the weekend. While I was there I was planning on getting an ounce of mushrooms to bring back for some of my friends and me to take. Well on Sunday my friend and his two roommates all planned on tripping and I was in the right mind set and had nothing to do so I thought it would be cool. So we crack some beers, packed the binger, and I reach into my bag and eye out roughly an eighth. We all ate our shrooms at 6:30 and put on some family guy (great show to see tripping). I'm sitting next to my friend and about 20 minutes go by and I start tripping way harder then I ever have after eating an eighth and I knew it was going to get more intense. I looked over to my friend and asked him how he was feeling and he said he was fine. So I went outside to have a cigarette and relax, but I couldn't. I lit the cigarette took a puff and threw it out and I was starting to get extremely strong visuals. I sat down and all the grains on the sidewalk were meshing together and everything was moving, but it was very violent and not peaceful. So I'm like fuck and went inside and from then on out I was terrified of going out side. I come in and sit down and it is now 7 and my friend looks at me and says "you look like shit man", I was profusely sweating and was really antsy, after this I have no recollection of time until I stopped peaking. I go to his basement and turn out all the lights and the things I was thinking about I didn't think was humanly possible. I thought the whole world was like caving in on me shit about my parents and dead relatives were popping into my head. I was convinced that I was insane and was going to be in a hospital for the rest of my life. Now I'm reminding you guys that although I am not very old I have tripped a lot and have done mescaline and LSD and understand that it is just a drug, but I had no control in this case. I was just a body, everything I was doing was not me someone else was controlling me. My friend came down into the basement a few times to check on me and after he came down twice I blacked out. I came back and I was upstairs in my friends room and I was scared shitless I had no idea what was happening or what just happened and all of his roommates were pissed at me for some reason I try and explain to my friend that I have no idea what is going on but I was so fucked up I don't even think I was speaking english. I black out again and come to and one of his roommates is asking me for money and I have no idea why and he says “do you want it or not” and I have no idea what he is talking about. I black out again and come to and I am sitting on his stairs and someone is banging on the door I bug out and think it is the cops and run upstairs and hide my mushrooms. I black out and come to with the feeling of coming down and am sitting on my friends couch next to his roommate and there are 2 girls next to me and it is 1130. Now I am like what the fuck happened, his roommates are convinced that I have like never tripped before or something and all think I was just bugging out and I just give up trying to find out what happened to the past 4 hours of my life. Apparently I destroyed parts of the house and was just completely out of it everyone was pissed at me and I didn't know why. My friend was angry because he had to baby-sit me while he was tripping which in turn ruined his trip. I was just scared and had no idea what had happened to me and no one would give me answers. I remember thinking it was like days later and I had been out for a while. The crazy thing is and it’s hard to explain but I felt like I had someone else's brain. When I came to it felt as if I had been born again very strange feeling can’t really describe it. Regardless I started drinking heavily that night. I woke up in the morning, go back to my school, weigh out my ounce and come to find I ate around 8 grams. Since then I've tripped about 12-14 times and all of my trips have been not bad but not as good as they used to be except for my past 2 trips which seem to be good. I'm sure it is all mental; there is a lot about mushrooms that fascinate me. I need to become more knowledgeable in them though. I have found that for me when I space my trips out I have better trips then when I trip a lot in a short period of time. I am even planning on growing mushrooms simply to learn more about them. I want to find out more about there long terms effects though. Negative effects it can have on the body and the brain. Also, has anyone else ever blacked out on mushrooms, no one I know has even when eating a high dose which in a way concerns me.

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